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I’m a freelance writer, recipe developer, and—most importantly—mother of three. My work has appeared in KIWI, Parenting, Parents, Relish, USAA Magazine,,, and Yahoo Shine!. I’m currently a contributing editor for MetroParent magazine, the regional parenting publication of the greater Detroit area.

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Family Road Adventures: Waterfront Weekend

2015 Editions Featured March 2015
Crossing the bridge from mainland South Carolina to Hilton Head Island, Northeast Ohio Parent writer Kristen Gough and her family were eager to slip into their swimsuits and run in the sand. After three fun-filled days, she shares with readers looking to travel to Hilton Head where to explore and how each family member can have fun. ...
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Plan a Visit: Arts and Culture Hotspots in Northeast Ohio

2015 Editions February 2015 Magazine Things to do
From upping kids’ critical thinking skills to improving their language aptitude, an exposure to art appears to drive kids’ abilities in multiple areas. If you’ve been wondering about how to get your kids more involved in the arts, here are a few reasons why it’s worth the effort and how to help your children get more out of their experiences. ...
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Jump Start to a New Year— 31 Days of Tips for Your Family

2015 Editions Featured January 2015 Magazine
The beginning of a new year is a good time to sit back and consider what goals you want to make as a family. Northeast Ohio Parent and some local experts provide some tips to inspire families day by day in January. ...
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Find Family Skating Fun on Ice Rinks Around Northeast Ohio

Need something to do with the kids this week? Several ice arenas in the region are offering holiday hours. Whether you are a beginner or an expert on the ice, there are options for the whole family to enjoy a day at the rink. ...
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Wintertime Fun Handbook

2014 Editions December 2014 Featured
The first day of winter has come and gone. In Northeast Ohio, we are all waiting for Mother Nature to gear up and turn on the snow machine. When the flakes start to fly or if you are just interested in skating on the ice, here are some places to go during this winter season. ...
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Tips on How to Teach Your Kids to be More Polite

2014 Editions Featured Magazine October 2014
Helping kids understand etiquette and how to be polite goes way beyond knowing what fork to use at a nice restaurant. Catherine Holloway, an etiquette consultant in Cleveland, along with other experts, provides advice on how to help children interact with others in social situations. ...
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A Dad’s Life in Northeast Ohio: The balancing act of fatherhood and everything in between

2014 Editions Featured Magazine October 2014

By the time he gets home at 5:45 p.m., Tiger LaVerde has already had a full day from his heavy teaching schedule, including AP Calculus and Statistics, to his afternoon

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Ways to Help Your Child Survive Tryouts

2014 Editions August 2014 Magazine Parenting
Whether your child wants to become the star of the stage or the star quarterback, the tryout comes first. Preparing your child for an audition or sports tryout can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the process or you don’t have experience with the particular activity. ...
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