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I’m a freelance writer, recipe developer, and—most importantly—mother of three. My work has appeared in KIWI, Parenting, Parents, Relish, USAA Magazine,,, and Yahoo Shine!. I’m currently a contributing editor for MetroParent magazine, the regional parenting publication of the greater Detroit area.

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Ohio’s History Hot Spots: Road Trip Destinations Where Families Can Learn About the Buckeye State

2019 Editions August 2019 Featured Magazine Things to do
Looking for ways to sneak a few history lessons — disguised as fun — into your kids’ summer? That’s the idea behind visiting these historical destinations dotted throughout the state. To make this history scavenger hunt even better, we provide a mini-quiz to take with your kids at each destination. Let the road trip — and games — begin! ...
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Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Picnic

2019 Editions Featured Food June 2019 Magazine Things to do
Summer means picnic season in Northeast Ohio. However, before you break out the basket and blanket, here’s how to put together a kid-friendly spread that’s easy to prepare, quick to set up — and clean up — and fun to eat with your crew out under the trees. The best part about all these treats is that your kids can help you put them together! ...
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A World of Discovery: 7 Ohio Spots that Feel Like You’ve Traveled Across the Globe

2018 Editions Featured June 2018 Magazine Things to do
Sometimes, do you just want to pack up your family and travel to the other side of the world and have an adventure together? While you’d need weeks, or months, to plan a trip across the globe — or even across the country — you can plot out a weekend excursion to an otherworldly spot right here in Ohio. Dotted throughout the state are cool destinations that make it feel like you’ve traveled much farther. Check out this list of a few spots in the Buckeye State where you can feel a world away. ...
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Danita Harris on Being Mom: Cleveland News Anchor Gets Real About Motherhood

2018 Editions Featured Magazine May 2018 Parenting
Chatting with Danita Harris seems a bit like catching up with that old high school friend, the one who’s always got your back and doesn’t put on pretenses. Harris’ approachable vibe is no doubt a big reason why she’s become a favorite among local news anchors. With a busy schedule that includes the newscasts, speaking engagements, community events, her own ministry and being a mom, Harris often is asked how she manages it all. She shares how she fills all her roles, including her favorite one: Mom. ...
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7 Greater Cleveland-Area Dates for Parents to Reconnect

Things to do in Akron
2018 Editions Featured February 2018 Magazine Parenting Things to do
Having regular date nights with your partner helps you stay connected, and gives you the chance to talk about something besides who’s going to pick up whom from basketball practice and who’s making dinner. And Northeast Ohio offers plenty of perfect date night spots to fit just about any budget and interest. Whether you're planning a Valentine's Day outing or a regular date night, check out a few of the many options. ...
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Downhill Diversion: Sledding Tips and Favorite Hills in Northeast Ohio

sledding hills in Cleveland, Ohio
2018 Editions Featured January 2018 Magazine Things to do
For kids of all ages across Northeast Ohio, winter means it’s time to head outside to enjoy the snow – and perhaps the best way to do that is by zipping down a snow-packed hill over and over. Learn ways to have a safe, action-packed day on one of the region's many sledding hills. Plus, readers weigh in with their favorite sledding spots in the greater Cleveland/Akron area. ...
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7 Family-Friendly Sledding Hills in Northeast Ohio

2018 Editions Featured January 2018 Things to do

We’ve already helped you get the right gear and safely bundle up the kiddos for a day of sledding. Now it’s time for the next step: finding a family-friendly hill!

... ...
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Home for the Holidays: Must-Do Traditions in Ohio

Cleveland Ohio holiday events
2017 Editions December 2017 Featured Magazine Things to do
From live theater and music to outdoor ice skating, magical Christmas experiences to festive Hanukkah happenings, there is much to do around the region this time of year. If you're looking for something new to add to your family's usual holiday traditions, check out this local list and start exploring. ...
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Fall Weekend Adventures in Ohio: Corn Mazes & Ledges

Fall fun in Akron, Ohio: Szalay's Farm Market
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Magazine September 2017 Things to do
Say farewell to September and welcome October with our final weekend guide to local, seasonal fun. Navigate your way through a corn maze, grab a fresh-from-the-farm snack, and enjoy the weekend's forecasted great weather with a nearby bike ride or family hike. We tell you where to go to find all four. ...
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Fall Weekend Adventures in Ohio: Pumpkins & State Parks

Fall events in Ohio: Barnesville Pumpkin Festival
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Magazine September 2017 Things to do
Once again, we provide unique local suggestions for festive ways to fill your family's fall weekends. This Saturday, head to the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival for live entertainment, a parade, and all things pumpkin: a pie eating contest, decorating contest, and the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off. While you're in the area, check out Ohio's largest state park and stay in the lodge to turn your day of adventure into a weekend getaway. Find all the details, then check our recommendations for next weekend, too. ...
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