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Youth Depression: How Can We Support our Kids?

Featured Health
Some children are more vulnerable to the mental health effects of the pandemic. In fact, depression and anxiety have doubled among young people during the pandemic. Experts talk about the risk factors, warning signs and where to get help. ...
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After a Diagnosis: 8 Steps to Early Intervention and Support

Featured Special Needs Uncategorized
So you have a diagnosis for your child. Now what? Maybe your world has turned upside down, or you are finally getting the answers you have been seeking. If you are still pursuing a diagnosis, or you are concerned your child may have a delay or disability, you are not alone – support is available. Here are eight steps to early intervention and support. ...
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Shop Local: Handmade Holiday Gifts from 9 Mom and Dad Makers

Featured Parenting Things to do
‘Tis the shopping season. However, it wouldn’t be a pandemic holiday without supply chain woes and worries over whether gifts will arrive on time. One way to alleviate these stresses, while simultaneously supporting the local workforce, is to shop small. Meet nine local Mom and Dad makers who can help you enjoy a homegrown, handmade holiday from the heart. ...
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7 Ways to Address Common House Clutter Complaints

2021 Editions Magazine Parenting September 2021
Whether you are drowning in socks, consumed by crafts or just plain paralyzed with clutter, there is hope for home order. Professional organizer Ann Shenk, founder of Simple Spaces in Bay Village, offers tips to address parents’ most common complaints to get all hands on deck and help save our spaces. ...
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8 Pandemic Birthday Celebration Ideas

2021 Editions Ages & Stages Magazine March 2021 Parenting Things to do
Already been around the birthday parade block? Whatever your comfort level or preference for gatherings, there are plenty of other fun, creative ways to celebrate safely in-person, virtually or with a hybrid event. Here are some ideas to make your birthday child feel special. ...
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Improving Children’s Mental Health During Times of Change, Uncertainty

2020 Editions Ages & Stages Magazine May 2020 Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic Teens
Anxiety, depression and suicide are a growing concern for youth. At this time of heightened stress, special consideration must be given to help children, especially those who already are at increased risk. We share signs and symptoms, tips to help children cope, and ways to keep the conversation going with your kids. ...
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Therapeutic Listening: a Sense-ational Approach to Treating the Whole Body 

2020 Editions April 2020 Magazine Special Needs

“Wow, that’s quite a headset!” the man exclaimed as he stepped outside the post office, peering down at the wide-eyed 5-year-old on on a mission to mail a letter. read

... ...
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Jump Rope is Hopping in Northeast Ohio

2020 Editions Featured February 2020 Fitness Health Magazine Things to do
The Heartbeats — an elite jump rope team based in Medina — are reigning USA Jump Rope Grand National Team Show Champions for their large group routine choreographed to music, a title they will defend this summer in Cleveland, as the city will host the U.S. National Jump Rope Championships.  ...
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Spotlight on School Paraprofessionals

education paraprofessionals in Ohio
2019 Editions Education Featured Magazine November 2019 Special Needs
Paraprofessionals, or “teacher’s aides” as they often are called, work alongside licensed teachers to give students additional attention and instruction. These team members are relied upon to play a more important role in a child’s special education experience than many people think.  ...
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Things to do With Kids: Fun With Fall Colors & Learning With Leaves

things to do with kids in Cleveland, ohio
2019 Editions Magazine October 2019 Things to do
Soon, Northeast Ohio will be painted in a palette of brilliant reds, golds, oranges and yellows. Whether you want to learn about the science of it all or simply take pretty pictures, here is a list of family-friendly activities across the region, plus some festive crafts for your youngest explorers. ...
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