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Cultural Awareness: Teaching Kids About Other Languages

August 2021 Education Featured Magazine Parenting
The United States is known as a “melting pot” of different nationalities, cultures and ethnicities. Many times, whether intentional or not, children and adults shy away from languages and cultures that differ from their own. To combat these tendencies, experts advise parents to expose their children to new cultures early and often – and to be aware of their own behaviors and attitudes. ...
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Helping Your Teen Navigate the World of Work

2021 Editions Ages & Stages May 2021 Parenting
No matter the industry, first jobs are invaluable life experiences. They teach teens not only the hard skills required to do the job, but also important soft skills that build character and foster maturity, like interacting with irate customers or working as a team in a fast-paced environment. Here's some practical job advice from local professionals who hire teen workers. ...
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Juggling School, Work and Life: How Parents and Kids Cope During the Pandemic

2020 Editions Education Featured Magazine November 2020 Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic

In this special three-part series, Northeast Ohio Parent magazine concludes its coverage tracking the back-to-school experiences of four Ohio families: the Mions, the Hopkinses, the Hawks and the Rawsons.

... ...
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Back-to-School Adjustments: Four Families Share How They’re Handling the School Year

2020 Editions Education Magazine October 2020 Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic
In this three-part series, Northeast Ohio Parent tracks the back-to-school experiences of four local families. In Part Two, we learn how the families are adjusting to a new normal of learning, whether it’s virtual, hybrid, in-person or at home using a traditional homeschooling model. ...
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More Than a Commute: Getting to School Presents Challenges, Opportunities for Connection

2020 Editions Education Magazine Parenting September 2020

Trekking to school, though it may look dramatically different this year, is a time-honored ritual that helps children build relationships, confidence and connection. read more

... ...
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Families Make Different Back-to-School Decisions During COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 Editions Education Magazine Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic September 2020
It’s a new school year amidst a global pandemic, which means parents and children had to make tough choices about the best back-to-school approach for their family. In this three-part series, Northeast Ohio Parent has teamed up with four area families to report on their back-to-school experiences and track their progress. Each family is unique, but they all have one thing in common: a different school year than they’ve experienced before. ...
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Supplements for Sleepless Nights? Experts, Parents Weigh in on Melatonin

2020 Editions April 2020 Health Magazine Parenting
Melatonin is front and center in the discussion of recommended sleep aid supplements on just about any parenting blog or social networking group. The supplement can easily be found on just about any grocery store shelf. But the question remains: Is this popular supplement the best choice? ...
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Expert Advice for Kids and Piercings, From Tots to Teens

2020 Editions Ages & Stages Magazine March 2020 Parenting
If you’re the parent of a little girl, chances are the subject of ear piercing has or will come up. And if you’re the parent of a teenage girl or boy, be prepared for the conversation to possibly resurface again, this time perhaps with a different part of the body, such as a nose or lip piercing. While there isn’t necessarily a “perfect age” to get a piercing, there are points to consider and discuss with your child at any age. ...
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