Simplicity Soup

Simplicity Soup

Mom, non-profit professional, arts advocate, writer, coffee consumer and wannabe adventurer. Life is busy and complicated. Simplicity Soup shares recipes for lessons learned — as a parent, professional and personally. It focuses on the good and good for you (and the family). Simplicity Soup is about the ingredients in our daily lives that make living more joyful. From tackling time clutter, the list of to-dos and want-to-dos, to how to organize spaces and places to make for more efficiency and less challenge. Create time for more joy. Savor the soup. Connect with Jeannie at [email protected]

Simplicity Soup: Vacation Organization (AKA You Get A Vacation Too)

Today’s simplicity soup recipe? Vacation Organization! A recipe for traveling with kids in tow!  The one where your child is content and, as a result, you are too.  Simply put: the trip that fe... Read more

Simplicity Soup: There Is No Work/Life Balance

In the earliest days of parenthood, I struggled with the decisions that new parents - especially many women - face. Work? If so, how much? Can I maintain a full-time position and be a full-time mom? C... Read more

Order Up! 'Simplicity Soup' — New Northeast Ohio Parent Blog

What is simplicity soup and might you like a serving too? For starters, how did your world change the moment you learned you had a child coming into it? For me, it was an annual visit that took ... Read more