6 Tips for Creating a Playroom That Will Grow With Your Child

6 Tips for Creating a Playroom That Will Grow With Your Child

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Last year, I took on the major project of converting my office space into a playroom for my son. He was 9 months old at the time, but I knew no matter how much I wanted, he wouldn’t stay that age forever. With all the work I was putting into this playroom, I wanted to make sure that it would grow with him without having to do another big transformation.

Tips for Creating a Playroom


Toys are going to come and go, and change in shapes and sizes over the year. I wanted to pick storage that would be flexible, and could adjust to my son’s changing interests over the years. I picked our toy storage organizer because it had colors that matched the room, was easily accessible for my son, and with all the different sized bins is could hold a variety of different toys.




I also purchased the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea. Part of this unit I use for bookshelves, while I purchased cube storage to fill the rest. I love the storage cubes because they are easy for my son to pull out and push in, plus they hold a lot of toys.



Bookshelves are a must. Books are the one item your child will always have, from the time he is born until he leaves for college. When they are young, having book shelves that are low and easy to reach are important. We used the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea for this, however we are going to be adding at least one more bookshelf soon because it is overflowing! The nice thing about the Expedit unit is that it can turn to be vertical later as my son gets older.


Reading Nook

With all of those books, a comfy area to settle in and read is important. When my son was younger, this space was great for me to sit and read to him, or just to get comfortable while I watched him play. Now that he is getting older, it has become a spot where he can get comfortable to look through books on his own.



Picture frames are a great way to surround your child with people who love him. If family is long distance, it helps to keep those faces familiar. We have a lot of pictures that are attached to the wall with Velcro so that my son could take them down and interact with them.


Vinyl Wall Decals

There is such a wide variety of vinyl wall decals available in stores now, it makes decorating to match the ever-changing interests of our kids so much easier! Instead of using wallpaper or more permanent room decorations, vinyl wall decals are easy to apply and remove.


Hanging Art

An easy way to decorate any playroom is with artwork from your little Picasso. Having a space that displays the artwork, plus is also easy to swap it in and and, will allow to room to grow along with your child’s artistic abilities!


What are some things you have included in your child’s playroom?

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