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Kristen is a mom, wife, educator, and blogger living in Cleveland Heights with her husband Dave, 3 year-old son Patrick, and 5 year-old nephew Nicholas. Kristen moved to Cleveland 11 years ago after living in southern Ohio all of her life. After graduating from Ohio University (Go Bobcats!), she moved to Northeast Ohio, and has loved it ever since! Kristen and her family love getting out to enjoy all that NEO has to offer, and shares her experiences, both in parenting and NEO, on her blog!

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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease Before My Son Had It

2014 Editions
Kristen Kelly, blogger at "Ready, Set, Parenthood!" provided readers with information about hand-foot-and-mouth disease, a common childhood infectious disease. As stated in her 2014 blog post, after doing some research online and speaking with her son's pediatrician, she learned so much about this disease that she wishes she would have known before her son got it. With the new school year and the typical germ season underway, Northeast Ohio Parent editors thought we would re-share to help families. ...

10 Things you need to Know about Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease

10 Thigns to know about hand foot and mouth disease
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Health Magazine October 2017 Parenting

If you have little ones, you have likely come in contact with hand-foot-and-mouth disease. My son’s first experience with the disease when he was a little over one year old,

... ...
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10 Ways I Find Time for Me, and Why It’s Important


Recently, we went from having one to TWO crazy boys running around the house. Suddenly, I became the lone female surrounded by males. Boys who are constantly talking super heroes,

... ...
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Open the Door to Preschool

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured January 2017 Magazine Parenting
Picking the right preschool program and making sure your child is prepared can be stressful, especially since this may be their first experience being away from home. It's important to know the type of program you are looking for, as well as what features are a priority. Narrow down your list with these six important factors. ...
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Art Smart: 5 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

2016 Editions Ages & Stages December 2016 Featured Magazine
Art programs are becoming increasingly limited at many schools, with students only having access to art education once or twice a week. However, there are a variety of ways that parents can foster creativity in their little artists outside of school. ...
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Welcome Home: How All Family Members can Prepare for Their Newly Adopted or Foster Child

2016 Editions Magazine November 2016 Parenting
When a family makes the decision to serve as foster or adoptive parents, there is a lot to consider in order to prepare for the addition of a young child or teenager. Agencies that support and assist families with this process share what parents — and other members of the family — can do to get ready before the child arrives home. ...
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Help Your Child Cope with Standardized Testing

2014 Editions Featured
As we near the beginning of standardized testing season, here are some tips from Northeast Ohio Parent Blog "Ready, Set, Parenthood!" on how you can help your child cope with the stress. ...
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6 Tips for Creating a Playroom That Will Grow With Your Child

2014 Editions Featured
Design a playroom that your child can use at any age. Here are some tips by from Northeast Ohio Parent blogger Kristen from "Ready, Set, Parenthood!" to help create a functional space that grows with your child. ...
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Meet Northeast Ohio Parent Blogger from Ready, Set, Parenthood!

2014 Editions
Learn more about Northeast Ohio Parent magazine blogger Kristen from Ready, Set, Parenthood. Kristen shares her parenting experiences and much more with readers. ...
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The Pros and Cons of a Real Christmas Tree

2014 Editions

Growing up, my family was really into Christmas. We were a family full of Clark Griswolds! The trip to pick out our Christmas tree kicked off the holiday season each

... ...
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