April 2018 Editor’s Note: Spring Meltdown

April 2018 Editor’s Note: Spring Meltdown

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With the spring thaw underway, you probably hope it’s the only meltdown you’ll experience this year. Likely, most kids are not immune to shutting down, crying, or having a fit over a certain item, food or even a sibling’s look. When the tears are wiped away — from mom and child — you’re left with time to reflect on what occured.

For my youngest son, who still has epic melting hours, however, it’s difficult to bring it into perspective. Some kids just seem to have more difficulty coping or dealing with their emotions effectively.

That’s why, when writer Lee Murray pitched me a story about learning from tantrums, I was intrigued. Taking a seemingly negative behavior and turning it into a positive (or at least providing different ways to handle the situation) is helpful for all parents. Look for the story on pg. 8 in the Northeast Ohio Parent April Issue

Some staff members of Northeast Ohio Parent magazine got a little taste of spring last month when we headed to Florida for the Parent Media Association annual convention. The national association recognizes parenting magazines across the U.S. Northeast Ohio Parent earned one gold award, two silver awards, and four bronze awards in editorial and design at the awards ceremony. We are so proud of our team members who have worked hard throughout the year to provide designs and content that best represent Northeast Ohio and our readers.

Speaking of celebrations, there is a lot happening in this month’s issue — celebrate Earth Day and National Autism Awareness Month. Also, find other regional-inspired fun in our calendar.

Also, you don’t want to miss the spring edition of our Summer Camp Guide in the middle of this issue!

As we discover new strategies to resolve our pains in parenting, what I have learned is that everything softens again. You find ways to appreciate the little things your kids do and who they are. With my youngest son, while he makes me laugh daily and I am proud of the little man he is becoming, we do have more 

difficult moments than I would like. However, that simple, 

extra kiss and hug he gives to me at bedtime continues 

to make my heart melt. 

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Angela Gartner is the editor of Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, wife, and mom of two boys. She loves to read, watch her sons play hockey and take care of the family's Scottish Terrier. She shares her experience as a boy mom and how she manages life as a working parent. Also, read her monthly "Editor's Note" column, other timely articles, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine.

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