What NOT to Put on Your Baby Registry

What NOT to Put on Your Baby Registry

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Pregnancy is one of the most exciting things you could ever experience, but I don’t have to tell you that. By now you’ve already felt that elation and perhaps are still riding on Cloud 9 — enjoy every minute of it!

But — spoiler alert — eventually you’ll have to sit down and make a plan: a registry, more specifically. And it can be ridiculously overwhelming.

There are a million and one lists out there telling you what you should register for — believe me, I know. I spent hours and hours, as most FTMs (first-time moms) do, researching exactly what I should have and get in order to prepare for my daughter’s arrival. A lot of the information was incredibly helpful — my registry was filled to the brim with everything I needed… and then some. What I lacked as a FTM was the experience with a baby that would have helped tremendously in determining what exactly I should and should not get, and that was precisely what all those lists didn’t tell me: the things I would not need.

So, you’re welcome. Here is a detailed list of the items I should not have registered for, as well as the things that I realize now, after having two kids, are just better than their counterparts.

Items Not to Register For:

1) A Shopping Cart Cover

Okay, okay, I know. There’s probably a mom reading this that actually uses her shopping cart cover, and if that’s you, then kudos! But I can’t even remember how many times I put that thing by the door to take with me to the store only to completely forget it. I was forced to wipe down everything, terrified that my daughter would catch some sort of disease from the germs inevitably lurking on that cesspool called a cart. But eventually, I even forgot to wipe the cart, and you know what? She’s fine. Not to sound like every elderly person out there, but people went years without a shopping cart cover to shield the germs. Just wash your child’s hands when you get home and, if you’re really worried about it, use a blanket — it’ll be fine!

And Joy, if you’re reading this, know that I had every intention of using the shopping cart cover you gave me and I’m sorry I’m too forgetful to remember to do so! ❤️

2) A Wipe Warmer

I actually didn’t register for a wipe warmer, mainly because when I told my husband I was thinking about it, he looked at me like I grew a third eyeball. Your child will survive without a warm wipe to clean his bum, and, honestly, if your baby is having trouble sleeping I certainly wouldn’t blame it on the room temperature wipes you use!

This, Not That:

1) All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent, not Dreft

If you want to use a special detergent to wash your baby’s clothes, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for Dreft. All Free & Clear is perfectly fine for keeping baby’s clothes clean and allergen-free.

2) Sleepers with zippers, not buttons

I understand the fact that some people swear by button sleepers so you don’t accidentally pinch your baby in a zipper, but honestly it’s just not worth the hassle and time, in my opinion. When you’re trying to quickly get baby dressed so she doesn’t work herself up before wrapping her up and rocking her to sleep, zippers are just the way to go. Just stick your finger in between the zipper and your baby’s skin and you won’t have to worry about accidental pinches.

3) Fun, Colorful Onesies, not Plain Onesies

With my first, I bought and used a lot of plain onesies, but I also took a lot of pictures, and although my baby was super cute, she definitely could have looked even cuter in an adorable onesie rather than a plain one. Maybe I’m getting too detailed with these suggestions, but if you’re gonna register for something, just do yourself a favor and register for something adorable.

4) Bibs with Buttons, not Velcro

Velcro is so annoying — it sticks to everything in the wash, and as much as I’d love to be able to wash it separately so it doesn’t damage anything, it just ain’t gonna happen. Just stick with buttons, friend.

5) Cuddlebug Velcro Swaddles, not SwaddleMe

I know I just said not to buy bibs with Velcro, but trust me on this one: this Velcro is different. It’s quieter and, although it can stick to other items in the wash, it has never damaged anything. I like Cuddlebug brand swaddles 1,000 times better than SwaddleMe ones. You can find them on Amazon.

Did you receive anything at your shower that you never used? Let us know in the comments and help another FTM out!

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