Old Trail School

Old Trail School

2315 Ira Road
Bath, OH

Old Trail School is a co-ed, independent day school for children age 2 through Grade 8, dedicated to a distinctive culture where each child feels known and cared for. Our 62 acre campus in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park provides the perfect setting for purposeful, intentional curriculum and a meaningful student experience that gets children outside and brings the park in, all while focusing on the School’s Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Goodness and Service.

Early Childhood
The Early Childhood Program is based on five components: cognitive skills, creativity and approaches to learning, fine and gross motor skills, language development and social and emotional skills. Our program is child-driven, consistent and play based. They make observations, draw conclusions, make choices, problem solve and learn. They create stories and plays, complete black line drawings and document their learning in e-portfolios. The teachers wrap cognitive elements into rich play situations as children engage with block play, the art studio, sensory table, reading corner, and writing center while giving children the emotional and social guidance they need to practice their social skills and develop resilience and the ability to self monitor. We provide resources, materials and opportunities that enable children to see themselves as learners.
Primary School
Primary School is rich in opportunities for children to develop analytical skills, collaborate, practice critical thinking and use their imagination. Children learn the many academic skills they will need down the road, absorbing information through enriching experiences and learning how to present that information to others. We add to each child’s knowledge, creating a solid academic education which enables them to fully participate in enrichment opportunities such as Edible Education, organic farming, technology projects, science, Spanish, music, visual and performing arts, physical education and swimming. These enriching classes teach skills that are extensions of the classroom curriculum. Each child is thoughtfully transitioned from grade to grade building upon individual skills as academic, interpersonal and organizational expectations increase.
Intermediate School
Our Intermediate School curriculum places children in situations where they push through increasingly complex problems, and seek solutions. We provide countless ways for students to do this on their own and create their own path forward: working through a math word problem for the first time, when the answer isn’t necessarily apparent or requires multiple steps; during conversations with peers about differences, understanding and acceptance; on the playground, where students negotiate having fun, and managing individual wants vs. the interests of the group. We teach them that content has a purpose and as they learn more and more content, how do they use it to become a wiser student, a kinder student, and a more responsible student.
Middle School
Much more than a uniquely strong academic program our Middle School gives students choices, time and encouragement to help them define their own educational experience. The curriculum strikes a balance between requirements and choice – understanding that while adolescents need broad and required exposure to many opportunities, they still should be given choice to ensure buy-in and ignite passions. Our faculty incorporates knowledge of early adolescents in the design, curriculum, opportunities and social interaction of our students. Whether using our advisory program as an avenue to do service projects or as a central gathering place to discuss our overnight trips, these core groups allow students to have a stable and consistent base of support and community between faculty and peers.

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