NYC Annual Math Festival: The History of Creation and Success

NYC Annual Math Festival: The History of Creation and Success

NYC Annual Math Festival: The History of Creation and Success

Description: Learn all about the famous NYC math festival and discover the great activities offered each year. This festival remains a popular choice for math enthusiasts of all ages.

NYC Math Festival Overview

The New York Math Festival has enjoyed its fifth year and has become one of the top attractions in the state. Geared towards those who love math, the event provides a wide variety of exciting activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. Even if you do not have a passion for mathematics, this event will be enjoyable.

This free event is available to all visitors, and there is no registration required. Just show up and enjoy all of the action! Hosted by the National Museum of Mathematics, the festival is a way to promote mathematical concepts in a fun environment.

History of the Festival

Started by MoMath five years ago, this annual festival now attracts thousands of visitors from New York and surrounding areas. It has become a popular event for children and families, and while it can provide an entertaining experience, there is a focus on learning. MoMath is dedicated to making math fun for all ages. With these annual festivals, the museum strives to enhance understanding of mathematical concepts and the perception of math used in daily life.

As the only math museum in North America, MoMath packs many engaging activities in this single-day event. Free to everyone,  you will find exhibits, interactive games and activities, seminars, and even raffles that are designed to engage children and get them involved in various mathematical activities.

The festival has become popular for New York residents and younger students, and it was created as a response to enhanced common core math standards that are now found in schools. The goal is to make learning math easy and fun by presenting an exhibition of mathematical figures and formulas through games, puzzles, art, and more. Not only will students learn about different concepts and how to think creatively, but the festival can also help overcome common math anxieties that students may battle.

Online Festival

If you cannot attend the festival in person, there is a great online option as well. The online festival is perfect for all ages providing many different activities available that can easily be accessed from home. This is a great way to get math help while engaging in exciting activities and then tell everyone who helped me to solve my math problem proving that the festival benefits. . For students that may need some extra math help, this option can be beneficial. With interactive events that include games and simulations, students can learn STEM principles from home while getting fun online help.

This annual NYC Math festival online offers a complete schedule of mini-events and sessions that feature puzzles, brainteasers, magic, and even some fantastic music that will have you wanting to crank up the math tunes! Designed for education with a touch of entertainment, this version of the festival is open to everyone worldwide. It is an excellent way for students to connect with others and have fun learning.

Aside from attending the festival remotely, MoMath also offers online student sessions where classes can be taken. Many free classes focus on early education, which can help students develop a love for math while learning basic concepts.

What to Expect

This yearly festival will attract many younger students along with parents. With an effort to get kids excited to engage in math, many smaller events are scheduled throughout the day. These all provide hands-on activities and demonstrations to enhance problem-solving skills and a basic understanding of common core math.

The Global perspective exhibit offers sculptures from Anton Bakker. Here, a student can see learn how mathematics and artwork together. A geometric sculpture building event is also provided where visitors can help to create a giant sculpture using various pieces. Again, this brings the world of art into focus while still teaching math.

One of the featured areas of the festival is The Lab for the Developing Mind. This looks deep into students’ cognitive abilities, and there are various activities where kids can master multiplication through games and learn problem-solving skills with great brainteasers. You can also build and design for artistically inclined people, whether you wish to construct a building or create a roller coaster.


Each year, this fantastic festival attracts hundreds of visitors in person while hundreds more access the online festival from home. Providing an entertaining and fun way to learn math, MoMath organizes this annual event with the intent to teach and entertain students of all ages. Completely free to attend, this is a great day that can be spent with family or friends, and it will indeed challenge the mind and have you walking away with a different appreciation for math.

Each year there are new and exciting events and activities that are included. They all focus on enhancing the education and understanding of mathematics among young students.

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