100 Gift Ideas for the Season!

100 Gift Ideas for the Season!

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We had fun at National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) unboxing, testing and playing with lots of toys. And now, we are bringing you the best of the best. We have something for everyone on your list — including books for a kinder world, toys focused on creative play and learning, games for family night, cuddly friends, outdoor time and baby fun. 

At NAPPA, we know the best memories are made through play and family time spent together. That’s why we have been celebrating the best family products for the past 30 years.

Books for a Kinder World

1. Jambo Books. A boxful of children’s books featuring characters of color. Members receive two to three books each month that feature diverse children as the stars of their own stories. Starting at $34.99, ages birth-13, jambobooks.com



2. Be Kind: You Can Make the World a Happier Place! 125 Kind Things to Say & Do With joyful illustrations and kid-friendly writing, this idea book serves as a delightful collection of 125 concrete activities empowering kids to make the world a kinder place. $12.95, 5 and older, storey.com/books/be-kind



3. Accordionly: Abuelo and Opa Make Music. When both grandpas visit at the same time, they can’t understand each other’s language and there is a lot of silence. The grandson’s clever thinking helps find a way for everyone to share the day together as two cultures become one family. $14.99, ages 4-8 years, apa.org



4. Kid Activists. Turns out the world’s greatest champions of civil liberties have relatable interests and problems — often in the middle of extraordinary circumstances. $13.95, ages 9-12, quirkbooks.com

5. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Making a Difference. This book offers young readers a lot of ideas on how to spark change. Includes quizzes, tips and inspiration from real girls. $12.99, ages 10 and older, americangirl.com


6. Cooking Class Global Feast! 44 Recipes That Celebrate the World’s Cultures. A book with step-by-step photography featuring children from a wide range of backgrounds preparing dishes that reflect their unique food traditions. Includes a pop-out food passport, world language flash cards and flag stickers. $18.95, ages 8+, storey.com



7. Papa, Daddy, and Riley. Riley is Papa’s princess and Daddy’s dragon. She loves her two fathers! When Riley’s classmate asks her which dad is her real one, Riley is confused. She doesn’t want to have to pick one or the other. Families are made of love in this heartwarming story that shows there are lots of ways to be part of one. $14.99, ages 4-8, apa.org



8. Ravi’s Roar. Ravi never minded being the smallest in the family, until one day he runs into a lot of frustrations and can’t control his temper. Along the way he finds something very important about voicing his feelings. $17.99, ages 3-6, bloomsbury.com

9. A Way with Wild Things. A beautiful story celebrating the shy and introverted kids among us, as well as the other small creatures to be found if we look closely enough. $17.99, ages 3-6, bloomsbury.com

10. Lily to the Rescue. From the New York Times bestselling author of “A Dog’s Purpose” comes a new chapter book series for young readers. There’s no dog quite like Lily, a rescue dog who rescues other animals. $5.99, ages 7-10, wbrucecameron.com

11. Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Skinnamarink. Based on the classic folk song made famous by a beloved trio of children’s entertainers, this picture book is best sung aloud! A timeless anthem of love and inclusion. $17.99, 12 months and older, penguinrandomhouse.com

12. Hello Amigo / Hello Friend. A fun, bouncy bilingual song from 123 Andrés’ Grammy Award-winning album, now brought to life in a whole new way that’s perfect for story time sharing. $8.99, 12 months and older, 123andres.com




Unbox the Surprises

13. Itty Bitty Prettys Giant Teacup Playset. A squad of collectible fashion-forward, tea-loving, friendship-fostering characters of all backgrounds with over 25 surprises that come together for the ultimate par-tea. $29.99, ages 4+, zuru.com



14. The Animal. An unboxing truck where The Animal can claw and climb over anything in its way — including its own box. The Animal transforms from a powerful 4×4 truck to beast. It can be placed back inside its box and the entire unboxing can be repeated over and over again. $39.99, ages 4+, spinmaster.com



15. Rainbow Jellies. Create your own collection of squishy characters. Inside the cloud full of surprises, reveal and select a sweet face, tuft of floofy hair and magic goo. $19.99, ages 6+, spinmaster.com



16. Hairdorables Hair Art Series. Customize their “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes with the name barrette featuring a printed hair art extension. Collect all new dolls, including the ultra-rare Kat Mascot. $12.99, ages 3+, hairdorables.com



17. Ryan’s World Mystery Spy Vault. Go on a secret spy mission with this large surprise-filled vault and discover Ryan’s World-inspired surprises inside. $39.99, ages 3+, justplayproducts.com



18. Rainbocorns Big Hair Surprise. This toy offers over 30 hair-mazing surprises and three exclusive characters with fun and wacky hairstyles. $49.99, ages 3+, zuru.com



19. Ravel Tales. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with this innovative children’s DIY collectible. Unwind your yarn ball to uncover 12 surprises along the way. Children can create three charm bracelets, one pet collar, two pom poms and a pillow pet bed. $9.99, ages 5+, sunnydaysent.com



20. Smashers Dino Ice Age Surprise. Smash, fizz, build and battle. The giant blue dino egg comes with over 25 different icy surprises inside. Follow the arctic scratch map through different ice-age-themed compounds to uncover each piece of your Smash-O-Saur. $24.99, ages 4+, zuru.com



Hatchimals21. Hatchimals Pixies Riders. Featuring fluttery wings, poseable heads and legs, these toys come with a matching Glider they can really ride! $14.99, ages 5+, hatchimals.com




22. Blume Rainbow Surprise Sparkle Playset. Discover 25-plus surprises and the magical power of rainbow rain with this friendship set. $19.99, ages 3+, blumedolls.com




23. Twisty Girlz. Transform them from stylish girls to a trendy bracelet and back again. Each toy comes with a hidden pet that transforms into an adorable ring. $9.99, ages 4+, spinmaster.com



Imaginative Play

24. FailFix. Take over the makeover and create head-to-toe transformations. Comes with a new outfit, face and hair tools. Dolls available in diverse styles and body types. $19.99, ages 6+, moosetoys.com



25. Power Treads. All-surface vehicles that flip, rip and roam all around. Create your own custom course using the modular track set, level up by adding household items for your vehicles to power over, under and through. $24.99, ages 5-8, powertreads.com



26. Real-Action Fire Engine. Features a ladder that extends to over 2 feet high and rotates a full 360 degrees, a retractable fire hose and more. The truck opens to reveal an exciting command center with all kinds of authentic details built right in — from a radio and a computer to tools and gear. $49.99, ages 3+, lakeshorelearning.com


27. Squeakee the Balloon Dog. An interactive balloon pet that’s part dog, part balloon. Bursts with personality with over 60 sounds and movements — barking, sitting and scooting. Includes multiple touch sensors and responds to voice commands. $59.99, ages 5 and older, squeakeepets.com



28. Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Wash Your Hands Singing Doll, With Mask & Accessories.Press Doc’s stethoscope to activate and she sings and says some of her iconic phrases. Standing 11 inches tall and dressed in her classic doctor’s outfit, Doc comes with a face mask, doctor’s bag, pretend stethoscope, thermometer and otoscope to help her care for her patients. $24.99, ages 3 and older, justplayproducts.com


29. My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Garden. A toy that’s also a real, live garden, it features a charming fairy house that lights up like magic, an area to grow plants and a small pond with a working water wheel. $29.99, ages 4 and older, playmonster.com

30. Veterinarian Practice with Pets. All the animal patients are lovingly treated and nursed back to health in this detailed playset with all the needed equipment and medications and a super clever vet.  $59.99, ages 3 and older, schleich-s.com



31. Mealtime Magic. Maya is an expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll that recognizes and reacts to the foods you feed her, with over 70 sounds and phrases. $59.99, ages 4 and older, spinmaster.com



32. Monster Jam Megalodon Storm. A remote control vehicle that can dominate water and attack land. Conquer any terrain – water, dirt, rock, snow and perform 360 degree spins and wheelies. $49.99, ages 4 and older, spinmaster.com



33. Whatsitsface. Feeling happy, sad, surprised, amused, angry or sleepy can all happen with a twist of a knob or a flip of a face. Helps build empathy skills. $24.99, all ages, whatsitsface.com



34. Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo. Kids can feed a potty-trained flamingo, Sherbert, and he wiggles his neck. When he sings the “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” jingle, grab the included potty to catch his squishy, neon poop, which is reusable. $29.99, ages 4+, littlelivepets.com

35. Brio Builder Record & Play Set. Build cool new toys, record your own sounds, then listen to them as you play with this 67-piece play set. $39.99, ages 2+, brio.us




36. Paw Patrol Ultimate Police Cruiser. This toy features a Chase figure, lights and sounds and includes four mini vehicles, a dual motorcycle launcher and helicopter with motorized propellers for the ultimate rescue. $79.99, ages 3+, spinmaster.com



Get Creative

37.  Cool Maker Hollywood Hair DIY studio. It lets you design your own hair extensions. Load the hair ribbon, press the button and watch as it magically transforms into a cute hair extension. Comes with a curler and spray bottle. $24.99, ages 8+, spinmaster.com



38. Dough Parlour Deluxe Build-Your-Own Gift Box. Premium, 100 percent nontoxic, fruity-scented, handcrafted modelling dough that arrives in a whimsical gift box. Select your own scents, colors and educational tools and accessories, to allow for an exciting, sensory play experience. $60, ages 2+, doughparlour.com



39. DinoMazing Egg Decorator. Explore your inner paleontologist with this dynamic craft kit that’s two activities in one. Decorate and then crack open the shell to discover a surprise collectible covered in colored slime. $25.99, ages 3+, eggmazing.com


40. Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset. Use the Sandwhirlz tool to reveal the surprise shape and flow of Kinetic Sand. Inspired by the drop and squish play pattern, reload the cylinders again and again for endless play. $19.99, for all ages, kineticsand.com



41. Spirograph Scratch & Shimmer. Create amazing art in a whole new way. The glitter gears and wheels can be used with your own pens and markers on regular drawing paper, as well. $19.99, ages 8+, playmonster.com


42. Pixel Stars Dreamhouse. A virtual dollhouse that lets you build, decorate and customize your world! Become a Celebrity Chef, Street Style Fashionista or Social Media Star as you customize your outfit, style your hair, decorate your house, adopt a pet, and much more! $29.99, ages 6+, skyrocketon.com



43. KidiZoom Creator Cam. Create awesome videos with this high-definition video camera kit. Use the included green screen and 20+ animated backgrounds to get chased by a T-Rex, go to outer space or make yourself disappear! $59.99, ages 5+, vtechkids.com



44. Chocolate Pen. Write, draw and add your chocolatey touches to fruit, cookies, or anything else your sweet tooth desires! These DIY creations harden in minutes. $29.99, ages 6+, skyrocketon.com




45. Hue Animation Studio. Create your own stop-motion animation videos — whether you’re making a Lego brick film, animating in claymation or capturing a flower bloom using time-lapse photography — bring anything to life in minutes with the easy-to-use software. $69.95, grades K-12, huehd.com



46. Etch A Sketch Revolution. Classic fun with a new twist — a magical spinning screen that allows you to draw circles. $9.99, all ages, spinmaster.com




Fun and Learning

47. Octobo, The Tech Toy That Teaches. Storytelling meets creative technology with this character-based play platform that transforms screen time into customized, active play time with lovable interactive plush toys. Filled with games, stories and learning adventures. $139, ages birth-7, thinker-tinker.com


48. Roybi Robot. Sleek and adorable with over 500 lessons, including language learning, basic STEM, stories, games and songs with the power of AI. $199.95, ages 3+, roybirobot.com

49. Robo Wunderkind Explorer Prime Kit. Empower kids to learn to code through the joy of play. Young inventors can build their own robots and gadgets, customize them with Lego bricks and program them through intuitive apps. $249, ages 5+, robowunderkind.com


50. Early Learning Centre Little Senses Lights and Sounds Shape Sorter. Bursting with lights, sounds and music to make learning fun. $24.99, ages 6 months+, justplayproducts.com

51. DIY Music Maker Science Lab. Explore the science of pitch, vibration and acoustics while making a box guitar, pan flute and ocean drum. Fun music and sound concepts come to life within a 36-page, illustrated storybook and activity guide. $34.99, ages 5+, hand2mind.com



52. Squishy Water Beads Science Lab. Learn about the characteristics of gases, liquids and solids while creating a squishy stress ball, a scented mini mood lamp, and a calming mood tube. $34.99, ages 5+, hand2mind.com

53. Jiggle & Giggle Fishing Set. Cast your line into a sea of play and learning. The smart bobber recognizes each sea creature you catch, triggering a unique response with songs and phrases as kids learn about animals, colors and numbers. $24.99, ages 2-5, vtechkids.com



54. Paper Flower Science Lab Kit. Watch color bloom before your eyes using the magic of physics and capillary action as you learn about the science of water “wicking.” Includes 12 flowers that can “re-wick” color over to change their look and design. $19.99, ages 7+, crayola.com


55. Buenos Días – Spanish Learning Songs. A celebration of the vibrant music, language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Irresistible salsa, merengue, flamenco, reggae and Andean rhythms encourage kids to sing along as they learn traditional foods, animals, songs, instruments and more. $14.99 (CD), $9.99 (download), all ages, whistlefritz.com



56. Telly Jr. Teaching Time Clock. Learn to tell both analog and digital time using two learning modes. $27.99, ages 3+,  thelearningjourney.com



57. High Contrast Baby Pack. A whimsical collection of seven high-contrast cards and two books that support a child’s development from the earliest weeks of life. $16.99, ages birth and older, bananapanda.com


Game On


58. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time. It’s up to you to help Doc and Marty repair the spacetime continuum before time paradoxes unravel the very fabric of the universe. Jump in your time machine, complete events, return items, and help restore temporal order. $29.99, ages 10+, ravensburger.us


59. Trailz. A light-hearted take on a strategy game where teams of shrooms and slugs face off to outsmart and outmaneuver each other. $14.99, ages 7+, playmonster.com




60. Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game. Work together to stop the Sanderson sisters from draining the lives of Salem’s children by ruining their potion before the sun rises. $19.99, ages 8+, ravensburger.us

61. Buildzi. The fast-stacking, nerve-racking, block-building game! $24.95, ages 6+, ilovetenzi.com





62. Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power. Dominate the Marvel universe as an iconic comic book villain! Three different game modes allow players to scale the difficulty of their game. Specialty cards add to each villain’s ability. $34.99, ages 12+, ravensburger.us

63. The Rank Game by Storyastic. A super-fun game about you and your people — and your likes and dislikes. $29.99, ages 8+, therankgame.com




64. Gemz! Three Corner Card Game. Gem-collecting, bling-building fun! Minimal words makes play easy for early and nonreaders. Action cards swing momentum and the swap card brings surprises. Part of a series of card games for different ages. $9.99, ages 4+, trendenterprises.com



65. Drone Home. Launch aliens down the ramps, racing to land inside the drone so they can fly home. Watch out —  there’s a delay once you make it in, so others can knock you out. $19.99, ages 8+, playmonster.com




66. Continent Race Game. A fun family game featuring the national flags of countries throughout the world. The first player to collect the required number of country cards wins the game. Great for game night or as a resource for virtual learners and homeschoolers, $34.48 ages 7+, byronsgames.com




67. Artsy Fartsy. From dragons to dog farts, not much is off limits in this fast-paced, hilarious game where you draw, guess and steal clues. $24.99, ages 10+, artsyfartsygame.com




68. Ice Tumble. Players take turns rolling the die and collecting ice blocks. The objective is to stack the blocks carefully to make an ice sculpture without any tumbling off. The blocks are slippery, so be careful or the sculpture may come tumbling down! $36, ages 7+, simplyfun.com




69.  the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse. An immersive Escape Room experience in your own home! Explore a mysterious three-dimensional Doll House, solving puzzles in search of a way out. $42.99, ages 13+, thinkfun.com



Baby Love

70. Cherish Baby Handprint Keepsake Ornament. Capture sweet memories with this kit that comes with everything you need. Made with food-grade clay, safe for newborns. $23.96, keababies.com

71. Eloise the Elephant. This knit with a luxe marl grey yarn has the sweetest baby trunk and little tasseled tail. Each doll sold provides 10 meals to children in need. $68+, ages birth and older, ca.cuddleandkind.com

72. Magical Tales Black and White Gymini. Bring the fun for baby anywhere. Each mat comes with a developmental guide to better stimulate baby’s innate desire to explore. $47.99, ages birth-6 months, tinylove.com



73. InnyBin. A unique and frustration-free introduction to shape learning. Each chunky shape block has different textures to promote exploration. $24.95, ages 10 months+, fatbraintoyco.com




74. Penguin 2-in-1 Portable Night Light. Add a touch of whimsy to your nursery with this light that will grow with your baby. Kids can carry the egg with them during nighttime visits to the bathroom or when they get older use it to read under the covers. $52.59, ages birth and older, tommeetippee.com



75. Purrfect Counting Purse. This soft, multitextured fabric cat purse comes with loads of personality, accessories and learning content. Learn, pretend and music modes add playful variety to learning numbers, colors and shapes. $19.99, ages 6 months+, store.leapfrog.com



76. Evereden Soothing Baby Massage Oil. Create a restorative ritual with this boost of superfood moisture to nourish and soothe baby’s delicate skin. Made with only five ingredients that are all natural and organic. This plant-based baby line includes shampoos and lotions. $16, birth and older, ever-eden.com




77. The Lulla Doll. A sleep companion for preemies, babies and kids, providing the soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeats. $49, birth and older, lulladoll.com




78. Kori 2-in-1 Rocker. This baby seat has a modern design and is lightweight, supportive and easy to adjust from stationary to rocking. Machine-washable fabric makes for easy cleaning. $119.99, up to 20 pounds, maxicosi.com



79. Cruz V2 by Uppababy. This stroller’s streamlined design gives you more without weighing you down. It features a reversible toddler seat, one-handed recline, extendable, UPF 50+ zip-out canopy, adjustable leather handlebar, extra-large and easy-access basket and one-step fold for easy storage. $649.99, birth and older, uppababy.com



80. The First Years Finger Food Placemat.  This 100 percent silicone placemat features wavy grooves that let little fingers grasp food for easier self-feeding. It’s designed to fit on most standard highchairs or can be used right at the table. $9.99, ages 9 months and older, http://us.tomy.com

Outdoor Fun

81. Svolta Ace 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Scooter. This easy-to-ride sitting scooter easily converts to a stable 3-wheel scooter by snapping the seat in the front holders. $108, ages 1-5, svoltaride.com




82. Micro Maxi Deluxe. A smooth-gliding, three-wheeled scooter with a lean-to-steer design that offers a stable ride that supports children as they curve and carve the sidewalk. Adjustable handlebar grows with your child. $139.99, ages 5-12, microkickboard.com



83. Young Explorers Adventure Climber. An indoor and outdoor play set that encourages children to use their imaginations while engaging in active play. $219.99, ages 1-6, simplay3.com




84. Globber One K E-motion 4. This sleek and reliable electric scooter for kids delivers safe and intuitive rides and light-up front wheels. $199.99, ages 8+, globber.com





 Give Cozy

85. Kai Bear. These super-soft teddy bears are sweet dreamers with their head in the clouds. They feature adorably oversized heads and embroidered paw pads. $20-$40, birth and older, gund.com



86. CozyGanoosh for Mesa. These ultra-plush covers provide coverage and warmth when strolling or transporting a child in inclement weather. $59.99, ages birth and up to 32 inches in height, uppababy.com



87. Mightly Organic Cotton “No Nasties” Pajama Sets. Artist-designed and ethically-produced toddler and kids PJs made with organic cotton. They’re super soft and stretchy. $29.95, sizes 2T to 14, mightly.com




88. Kids’ Coffee Bean Shimmer Down Jacket. Warm, cozy and stylish, made with particles of carbonized ground coffee, which give the fibers better heat storage and antistatic properties, the two-in-one jacket can be worn as a vest and turned into a winter jacket by adding the sleeves. $134.95, sizes 4T-14, us.reima.com




89. JJ Cole Agility Flex Stretch Carrier. Slips on like your favorite T-shirt with no complicated wrapping required and in a one-size-fits-most design that can easily be swapped between parents. Features comfortable stretch fabric with adjustable straps for a great fit and comfort. $39.99, us.tomy.com/jjcole




Fun with Friends

91. Healthy Roots Dolls. Meet Zoe, who has learned to love her hair, specially designed with curl power that allows it to be washed and styled with real products. She wants all kids to love their curls too. $79.99, ages 6 and older, healthyrootsdolls.com




92. Courtney Doll, Book and Accessories. An avid gamer growing up with her blended family in 1986. She’s a total ‘80s girl whose big, bright and bold ideas inspire today’s girls to find their inner hero. $140, ages 8 and older, americangirl.com 



93. Batman Launch and Defend Remote Control Batmobile. Race your Batmobile around Gotham City and launch Batman into action with a push of a button. This iconic vehicle comes with an exclusive 4-inch Batman figure. $39.99, ages 5 and older, spinmaster.com



94. Under-The-Sea Mermaid Palace. Splash into an undersea adventure with enchanting features on every side so the 3 poseable mermaids can sit in the royal throne, whoosh down the slides and so much more. $49.99, ages 3+, lakeshorelearning.com



95. PJ Masks Romeo’s Flying Factory Playset. It can really roll and opens to reveal a secret lair. Includes a lights and sounds control panel, working crane, laser launcher, drone and two of Romeo’s greatest gadgets, The Squashatron & The Sniff-O-Whiff! $44.99, ages 3+, justplayproducts.com



96. Blue’s Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush. This plush includes Josh’s Handy Dandy Guitar as a controller. Press the button on the guitar for sounds and motion. Blue dances along to the music, moving her head and lifting her ears and paw up and down. $49.99, ages 3+, justplayproducts.com


97. Go! Go! Cory Carson Cory’s Stay & Play Home. Kids can explore every room with mini characters in this 360-degree playset. Built just for cars with a pretend bathtub car wash complete with scrub brush, ramps and more. Place any SmartPoint character (sold separately) on the SmartPoint location to hear them talk, play music and light up. $39.99, ages 2 and older, vtechkids.com

98. Pets Alive Fifi The Flossing Sloth. Get ready to floss like a boss. Mimicking one of the most iconic dances of the decade, Fifi’s hilarious floss movements, cute blinking eyes and butt wiggle are sure to get everyone up dancing. $24.99, ages 3 and older, petsalive.zuru.com

99. Tonies. Screen-less and adorable audio entertainment system full of stories and songs. Comes to life when paired with one of the Tonies characters, including Disney favorites and Creative Tonies to personalize your recordings. $99.99/starter kit, additional tonies available from $11.99-$14.99, ages: 3-5, us.tonies.com


100. The Little Mermaid Tubby Time. Make bath time playful with this shape-matching, storytelling game combined with fun puzzle play. $14.99, ages 3+, amazon.com/60001870/dp/B086B7JDWY

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