29 Days of Love: Ways to Show You Care

29 Days of Love: Ways to Show You Care

ways to celebrate valentine's day

Share some extra love with those around you this month. Here is our curated list of daily activities to show the people in your life you love them, one “love-ly” gesture at a time.


1. Put a picture on the fridge that will make someone smile. Dig up an old photo of when you first started dating or post a painting your child made. 

2. Schedule a massage for your partner. Don’t just buy a gift card. Call the spa. Make the appointment. Clear the path for them to get there and truly relax. 

3. Pack your significant other lunch and leave a note inside. Hand it off with an extra kiss when they walk out the door.

4. Get up early and make a nice breakfast for your family. On most days, it’s easier just to pour milk and cereal in a bowl but make the extra effort and flip some pancakes, then sit down and eat together. 

5. Bake heart-shaped cookies and bring them to your neighbors. While you’re at it, bring in their garbage cans, too. 

6. Take your dog on a different route for his daily walk. Who doesn’t like a change of scenery every now and then — different squirrels to chase or new dogs to sniff?

7. Make a homemade valentine. It’s a lost art. Bust out the markers, gluestick and scissors. 

8. Read a favorite bedtime story. So often, we get out of routines or outgrow them. Cozy up with an old standby for that snuggle time you used to savor.  

#5 is a tasty way to say “I love you.”

9. Fill your partner’s gas tank. Take one thing off their plate before their commute. Think of how relieved you’d be if you fired up the car and found that happy surprise. 

10. Leave a nice note on the bathroom mirror or the shower door. You can go simple with a “tree carving” style: your initials + his/her initials. XOXO.

11. Offer the mail carrier a hot cup of coffee. Go ahead, lend them one of your to-go mugs. Chances are if you make the gesture to warm them up on a cold winter day, they’ll return it the next day along with your mail. 

12. Slip an encouraging note in your child’s backpack. “Good luck on that test today!” or “Be a great leader!” 

13. Pay for the next person’s coffee in the drive thru. Never underestimate the power of a random act of kindness. 

14. Send a valentine in the mail. There’s something sweet and special about getting an unexpected red envelope in the mailbox. 

15. Designate a device-free evening. Dock the iPads, tuck away the phones and bring out the board games.

16. Brush off a co-worker’s car after it snows. Winter is long, right? Warm the heart of another.

17. Send a text with a message of love to someone when you think of them during the day. Praying for a person going through something? Let ‘em know!

18. Call grandma or hire a babysitter and plan an impromptu or surprise date night. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Time spent together (alone) is time well-spent.

19. Give your significant other a foot rub. Create an intimate and authentic “I appreciate you” moment with this one. 

20. Write an email to your kid’s teacher. Thank them for all they do. Most days, they spend more time with your child than you do. 

21. Set the mood and light some candles. Peace and quiet and warm lighting are pretty inviting, no?

22. Hand-write a thank-you note. Don’t email. Don’t text. Put pen to paper, and drop it off or put a stamp on it. The extra effort will not go unnoticed. 

23. Play a game and let them win. Got a competitive spouse? Have a child with confidence issues? Take the “L.” 

24. Create a motivating playlist for your partner’s workout. Sometimes it can be hard to dig deep and push yourself every day. Help your significant other get through that early morning run by mixing it up.

25. Send a flirty text. Be playful. Remember how much fun you used to have together? Tap into that.

26. Bring home flowers. This is a classic move. An oldie but a goodie for a reason — it will brighten anyone’s day.

27. Play outside with your kids. Brave the weather to get some fresh air together.

28. Make your spouse’s favorite meal. Sitting down to a lovely home-cooked meal fills your heart and your belly. 

29. Call your parents. Tell them you love them. Don’t take any day for granted. 

Click here to find family-friendly Valentine’s events happening throughout the region this month.

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