50 Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

50 Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to spend family time together while honoring dad. Whether your usual activities are canceled or you’re just looking for new ideas, check out these 50 ways to celebrate dad. Most can be enjoyed in your home or backyard; others can be done while following social distancing guidelines.

1. Have a picnic in the park.

2. Go for a hike.

3. Serve him breakfast in bed.

4. Play catch or Frisbee.

5. Take a family bike ride.

6. Set up a mini golf course in the yard.

7. Have a water balloon toss (or fight!).

8. Hold a family video game tournament.

9. Create a special Father’s Day playlist (below).

10. Build a yard game (try corn hole or Jenga). 

11. Have a Nerf gun battle.

12. Set up a hammock and let dad relax.

13. Have someone else mow the lawn.

14. Try out geocaching.

15. Have a cookout lunch.

16. Tour national parks on Google Earth.

17. Take a trip down memory lane by looking through old photo albums.

18. Play dad’s favorite board games.

19. Order a surprise gift he’ll love.

20. Have a dance party set to dad’s favorite music.

21. Complete an item on his “honey do” list yourself — or hire someone to do it.

22. Go fishing.

23. Have a family movie night and let dad pick.

24. Create a scavenger hunt for dad to do with the kids.

25. Go for a drive.

26. Make a DIY dessert, like a sundae bar.

27. Fly a kite.

28. Go bird-watching.

29. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire pit.

30. Plan a day at a Lake Erie beach.

31. Make a family scrapbook.

32. Camp out in the backyard.

33. Set up an at-home beer tasting with his favorite brews.

34. Have a Lego building competition.

35. Gift him a virtual class (cooking, fitness, etc.).

36. Break out the dress-up clothes and have a silly costume contest.

37. Play a round of disc golf at a local course.

38. Put together an epic puzzle as a family.

39. Order his favorite takeout for dinner.

40. Binge watch a family favorite TV show. 

41. Hold a family lip sync or karaoke competition.

42. Build a fort.

43. Stream a classic sporting event from the past.

44. Listen to a family-oriented podcast.

45. Brainstorm your next family vacation.

46. Head away from the city lights and go stargazing.

47. Take a virtual museum tour.

48. Gift him a golf game with his buddies.

49. Have a joke-telling contest.

50. Play a family game of his favorite sport.


Tunes for Dad

Need help with your playlist? Start with this song list from our editors:

“Father & Son,” Cat Stevens

“Father & Daughter,” Paul Simon

“We Are Family,” Sister Sledge

“Song for My Father,” Sarah McLachlan

“Dance with My Father,” Luther Vandross

“Old Man,” Neil Young

“My Father’s Eyes,” Eric Clapton

“Butterfly Kisses,” Bob Carlisle

“Song for Dad,” Keith Urban

“Just the Two of Us,” Will Smith

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