Children’s Resale the Right Way

Children’s Resale the Right Way

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Children’s consignment resales offer families the opportunity to purchase gently used, quality, name-brand clothes and toys at discounted prices, as well as sell the items their kids no longer use or have outgrown — both of which can really help stretch the household budget.

“I love shopping and consigning at consignment resales,” says Heather Bemiller, a mom from Wadsworth. “As a consignor, it is the fastest and easiest way to turn my clutter into cash. As a shopper, they offer a one-stop shop for quality children’s items at bargain prices.”

With the spring consignment season right around the corner, now is the time to mark your calendars and begin prepping your items for an upcoming sale.

Here are four tips to help you get the most from the experience:

  1. Snag an early shopping pass just by volunteering

By volunteering a few hours to support the event, whether it’s delivering marketing materials to local preschools, greeting shoppers at the door or organizing clothing racks during the event, you often can earn exclusive passes to shop early. This gives you access to the best items at bargain prices before the sale opens to the public. Volunteering is easy and fun, no experience is required, and anyone is welcome (moms, grandmas and even dads). Grab a friend and schedule a shift together.

  1. Select the right merchandise

Consignment sales are not the same as garage sales. Moms are savvy shoppers and are looking for children’s items in like-new condition at affordable prices. Avoid trying to sell items that are stained, torn or outdated. Name brands and boutique brands are great sellers — and don’t forget big ticket items like baby equipment and gear (strollers, exersaucers, swings, high chairs), as well as cribs, toys and maternity items. Entering these big ticket items can quickly add dollars to your paycheck.

“Reduce and recycle are my two favorite benefits of consigning,” says Vanessa Williams, a mom from Wadsworth. “Not only do I get the opportunity to declutter my house each season and earn some extra money, but I also like knowing that the items are helping other local moms and families.”

  1. Price your items right

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, pricing is one of the more complicated parts of consigning. One consignment sale suggests as a good rule of thumb to price your items at 25-35 percent of retail prices. Boutique items, toys and baby equipment are great sellers and often can be priced slightly higher at 35-40 percent of retail. Also, make sure to add to your paycheck by always allowing your items to go 50 percent off toward the end of the event.

Affordability is what attracts Allison Parsons, a mom from Wadsworth, to resale events. “Kids grow so fast,” she says. “I love being able to buy like-new clothes at a fraction of the retail price. In the fall, I was able to buy a winter coat and matching snow pants for my daughter for just a few dollars. Finding quality, affordable clothes is a win for my family.”

  1. Work smarter, not harder

Why do moms love resell events? No haggling. No setup. No meetups. No running the event yourself. Resell events make it simple.

Stephanie Kehn, a Northeast Ohio native, saves time thanks to technology. “Last fall, I consigned my kids’ items with a seller that had an iPhone app with voice recognition technology,” she explains. “I was amazed. I was able to verbally enter over 300 items in just a few hours. This consignment event also allowed me to track my sales live during the event. It was fun to see how many of my items sold each day.”

Ready to Get Started?

Whether a first time shopper or consignor, or a long-time pro, it’s important to remember to have fun with the experience. We are all just moms helping moms.

So, mark your calendars and grab a friend to check out the region’s best sales this spring. Clear out your house and earn a big paycheck, all while shopping affordable, name-brand, quality kids’ items.

— Jen Ryan is the owner of Rhea Lana’s of Medina, a Children’s Consignment Reseller.

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