#CLEMama — Mama Bears Unite

#CLEMama — Mama Bears Unite

- in Featured, March 2016

Any other mama bears out there? I have jokingly called myself this for years, so when I found this shirt online I couldn’t resist getting it. I wear it so much my oldest daughter caught me the other day and said, “Um, are you going to wash that shirt anytime soon, Mom?” (Insert awkward moment.) OK, so maybe I was wearing it a little too much.

I guess I love wearing the shirt because it’s so relatable to me. I am a mama bear, I’ll admit it — in a good way, though. If they made a T-shirt, there have to be other mamas who feel the same. I always want to be protective and provide for my little “cubs” wherever they go. I know you know what I’m talking about, mamas. Many things change when you become a mom, right? You think, make decisions and react differently (ahem, I’m sure I’m not the only one who said I’ll never let my kids spit their gum out in my hand).

Well, anyway, I wore the shirt to work for our morning show recently on 95.5 The FISH. Because it’s so fun to relate to other moms, we asked other “mama bears” listening to finish the sentence below. The ladies didn’t disappoint. I think you’ll be nodding your head with several “uh-huhs” as you read some of the comments from our Facebook page.


You know you’re a mama bear when _______________.


Victoria Petcavage Brown: “You know you are a mom when you go to the grocery store by yourself and it feels like a vacation.”


Linda Long: “You know you’re a mom when you have to look at the top of your toilet seat before you sit down. Ugh, boys will be boys.”


Kim Kotwicki Buca: “You know you are a mom when you tell your kids, ‘I hope you have one just like you someday.’”


Michele Rucker: “You know you’re a mom when you cannot wait to have time to yourself, but miss them as soon as you do.”


Jennifer Green Dickerson: “You know you’re a mom when 15 minutes after your son finishes his breakfast he projectile vomits chocolate milk all over the carpet and wall, and you spend the next hour and a half carpet-cleaning the house.”


Lisa Benton: “You know you’re a mom when as you hold your child for the first time, you begin to realize the amount of love your parents must have for you. It’s like for the first time you really know what love means.”


Francie May Kline: “You know you’re a mom when your heart breaks with each and every tear your children cry, when you can’t say you love them enough times, when you drink in the smell of their little heads as they hug you around the waist.”


Noelle Tagliarini: “You know you’re a mom when you randomly start singing songs from the preschool shows your children watch instead of current popular music and it seems normal to you.”


Diane Kepic: “You know you’re a mom when you sacrifice the last piece of double chocolate cake because your child wants it — mom is a chocoholic.”


Karla Walter Ponsart: “You are at work in a local retail establishment and hear a small child yell, ‘Mommy!’ and you look — even though you are at work and your youngest child is 18.”

Laurie Hoerrle: “You take care of your ‘cubs’ long before yourself.”

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