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#CLEMAMA: 5 Things Parents of Younger Children Should Know

2022 Editions Featured Magazine May 2022 Parenting
Sara Carnes, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist, reflects on a few things she would tell her “younger self” as a parent, especially as her daughters continue to grow as a tween and adult. She names five things that she could have done differently and hopes it will be helpful for readers. ...
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#CLEMAMA: Who’s Going to Influence My Kids this Year?

2022 Editions Featured February 2022 Parenting
Sara Carnes, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist, reflects on who has influenced kids’ lives the most and how parents can start to ask questions when it comes to who influences them. Also, how to get those answers to challenge kids to make better choices. ...
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#CLEMAMA: The Power of a Compliment

2021 Editions November 2021 Parenting
Sara Carnes, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist, shares her thoughts about what it means to give and receive a compliment, and what it can teach our kids. ...
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#CLEMAMA: Tell your family, ‘Let’s Take a Hike!’

2021 Editions August 2021 Featured Magazine Things to do
Sara Carnes, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist, shares with us one of their favorite family activities — hiking. No matter if it’s a local hike, or a hiking trail in one of the national parks — It’s always an adventure. She provides tips for all ages and levels to make it an enjoyable experience. ...
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#CLEMAMA: Have a ‘Yes’ Day

2021 Editions Camp of the Week Featured May 2021 Parenting
Northeast Ohio Parent columnist Sara Carnes and her family recently watched “Yes Day” on Netflix. In the spirit of the movie, her family decided to try a "yes" day, where parents say “yes” to everything their kids ask. She shares how it went and some ground rules for having your own. ...
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#CLEMAMA: Bring Some Fun to Family Dinners

2021 Editions Featured Magazine March 2021
One of the hidden blessings in the past year due to the pandemic is the gift of being together more. This scenario isn’t the case for every family, but for several people, I’ve heard this means being together more as a family and having weeknight “family dinners.”  It’s the time to shut out the distractions, focus on one another, and learn about everyone’s day.  ...
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#CLEMAMA: 5 Ideas on Creating a Vision Board

2021 Editions February 2021 Magazine
Sara Carnes, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist, shares with us how she decided to make her first vision board to plan out some goals and thoughts as encouragement for the year ahead. She created this inspirational collage of images and words that's encourages a pursuit of goals and dreams with her daughter. Find out some ways to create a board and how this can teach goal setting to kids. ...
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#CLEMAMA: Get ‘er Done in 2021

2021 Editions January 2021 Magazine
Sara Carnes, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist, made a list of things that she wanted to stick with this year. Some are personal goals, but others are more general that she thinks we all could use to stay motivated, healthy and thankful. Here are six goals she shared with us. ...
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#CLEMama: Retrain Your Brain With the Glad Game

Featured November 2020 Parenting
#CLEMama Sara Carnes shares with us how she was inspired by The Glad Game from “Pollyanna," which can help us think about thankfulness and positivity in our own lives. ...
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#CLEMAMA — Get Out Your Cookbook: 5 Meals to Make for Your Family

2020 Editions Food Magazine October 2020 Parenting

Did you know October is National Cookbook Month?

I’ve found so many great recipes in cookbooks throughout the years. I used to think it was silly to have cookbooks in

... ...
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