Kits for Kids: Ways to Deliver Summer Learning

Kits for Kids: Ways to Deliver Summer Learning

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Summer break is in full swing. Your family might go on vacation, head out to the playground or parks, complete a variety of camps, and go swimming more times than you can count. Tackle summer boredom while helping your kids learn and be creative. Check out these subscription services that deliver engaging options for STEM, cooking, crafts and art.  



STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) is a fantastic place to start when it comes to activities for kids of all ages. is my hands-down favorite site for STEM. Their premade Kiwi “crates” focus on science, math, engineering, and art/design. The boxes arrive with clear instructions and everything your child needs to build or perform the activities. The packages are designed to encourage the kids to do the work with minimal parent involvement. Parents can purchase an individual kit or choose the subscription model. Each month’s activity in the subscription model is a surprise which adds to the fun. We bought a subscription for my daughter two years ago. She continues to enjoy the crates. We’ve been impressed with both the quality and variety of each box, so much so, that we purchased a subscription for her older brother as well. Kiwi.Co is $19.99 per month, and you can choose the topic and the age range to ensure your child is getting a developmentally appropriate box for them. has some unique offerings as well. Makey Makey teaches students to use household objects to create circuits and perform various tasks. For example, you can use bananas to make a piano. The activities are fantastic for kids, but it does require a computer and some parental involvement. The Makey Makey kit starts at $49.99, with some additional accessories you can purchase later if you like it.

For more advanced kids, consider the Creation Crate. The Creation Crate has a curriculum attached to each box that focuses on electronics, circuitry, and computer programming. The electronics curriculum is an 18 project pathway that progressively becomes more challenging. Students will gain a deeper understanding by creating intricate projects like an RFID reader and a laser tripwire transmitter. A Creation Crate monthly subscription costs $29.99, but various options allow parents to purchase a singular project to start. Check out for more information.



Spending some time with your children in the kitchen is another fun way to tackle summer boredom while learning life skills at the same time. Instead of searching for kid friendly recipes online, consider subscribing to the KidStir Cooking kits. KidStir Cooking kits are designed for families looking to develop children’s confidence while building a recipe book they can use for years to come. Each month’s kit has a theme such as camping, beach day, or Mexican fiesta. The recipes are unique every month and never repeat. The boxes include recipe cards, utensils, achievement stickers, games, a list of necessary ingredients to purchase. There are no food items in the kit because KidStir believes that shopping for and choosing ingredients is an essential part of learning to cook. Parents can start with a 30 day trial for only $4.99. Monthly memberships start at $23.99, but there is a discount for a longer commitment. Visit for more information.

Kids’ Young Chefs’ Club from America’s Test Kitchen offers a similar subscription. The boxes from Kids’ Young Chefs’ Club contain recipes tested explicitly by kids for kids. These boxes encourage children to customize their experience by tweaking a recipe to fit their palate. They also include food based science experiments. The activities range from simple 15 minute recipes to more complex options that may take a few hours to complete. Check out The Mystery Receipt podcast as a bonus for children who really enjoy their time in the kitchen. The monthly subscription costs $24.99 and can be purchased at



For the little craft lovers out there, check out Annie’s Creative Girls Craft Club. Each kit comes with two high quality crafts and includes everything you need to bring out your child’s inner artist! Kits teach children several different crafting techniques to help them grow as artists. The projects use a variety of materials and designs to help keep children excited and engaged. These craft kits are great for kids ages 7-14. The website offers parents a subscription model at $19.99 or the option to buy past kits, although supplies are limited. The site also provides a woodworking option for young builders. Learn more at

A Guide Dots subscription is perfect for those kids who love to draw. Guide Dots take a step-by-step approach to drawing. Children are provided with step-by-step video tutorials that walk through each of the two projects in the monthly box. They are also provided with the supplies (markers, chalk, paint) shown in the video to be confident they have everything they need for drawing, shading, and painting. Lastly, the subscription includes a light tablet that illuminates their paper/canvas as they work. The Guide Dots program is more expensive than the other options we’ve looked at, but it comes with quite a bit more than the others as well. The starter kit begins at $93. Head on over to to see if this monthly subscription is right for your children. 



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