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Saving and Organizing Your Family’s Photos

Featured Parenting
Capturing the moments in our children’s lives is much different than it was for our parents. Previous generations did not have the luxury of a portable, high definition, always in your pocket camera. Learn what you can do to ensure life’s most memorable moments end up safely stored away. ...
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My Child is a Hacker? Help!

Education Technology
Hollywood has done a tremendous job at glorifying the mysterious, mischievous life of a computer hacker. It is easy to see how a child with a passion for electronics could be persuaded into believing this perception is a reality. We take a look at how parents help their amateur hackers avoid pitfalls and find success. ...
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Family-Friendly Fitness Apps

Featured Fitness Health Parenting Technology
Bringing your children along with you on a fitness journey can be a fun bonding experience. You also are instilling in them the importance of staying in shape at a young age. Technology can help, but there are over 250,000 health and fitness apps on the App Store alone. Here are a few family-friendly options. ...
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Be Smart, Be Safe: A Parent’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Featured Parenting Technology
When we think about keeping our family safe online, the conversation usually focuses on the content on the screens of their favorite devices. However, one of the biggest threats to your family’s safety is one that many families tend to overlook: hackers.   ...
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Say what?! Speaking the Language of Generation Z

Featured Parenting Technology Teens
Generation Z thrives on a constant stream of communication through their mobile devices. Subsequently, they have developed their own slang words made up of acronyms and phrases to describe their interactions with the world. Parents almost need to be bilingual to understand it. Check out this list of popular terms, sorted based on their level of concern for a parent. ...
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Creating Confidence Through Coding: Top Coding Sites & Apps for Kids

Featured Technology Things to do

Advances in technology along with affordable access to smart internet-connected devices are the driving force behind a revolution across the globe. Some academics refer to this as the start of

... ...
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Great Podcasts for Parents (and Kids, Too!)

Podcasts for parents and kids
Featured Parenting Technology

Until a few years ago, I had never bothered to listen to a podcast. I assumed podcasts were similar to National Public Radio, but for hipsters and nerds. This assumption

... ...
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