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Makerspaces: Where Creativity and Collaboration Combine

Students across the country have settled into their back to school routine. Many schools are offering Makerspaces. Makerspaces go by many names: Creation Labs, Fab Labs, to name a few. Schools have been finding ways to incorporate creation labs into their buildings. Some districts have built spaces from scratch, while others have renovated existing classrooms or libraries. Regardless of the name, size, equipment, or location, creation is the fundamental core characteristic of the space.    ...
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Digital Defense: A Parents Guide to Cybersecurity

Featured Parenting Resources Worth Noting
Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to your family's safety is one that many families tend to overlook: hackers. Here are some steps that will help decrease the chances of your digital lives being disrupted by unsavory individuals ...
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Back to School Classroom Tech Tools

Technology will continue to revolutionize the public education system in the future. Here are some popular student applications in and out of the classroom. It helps parents to understand the what, why, and how these software systems are used so they can better connect and communicate with their child and teachers. ...
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Kits for Kids: Ways to Deliver Summer Learning

Education Featured
Summer break is in full swing. Your family might go on vacation, head to the playground and parks, completed a variety of camps, and go swimming more times than you can count. Tackle the inevitable summer boredom while helping your kids learn and be creative. Take a look at these subscription services that deliver engaging options for STEM, cooking, crafts and art.   ...
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Family-Friendly Fitness Apps

Featured Health Uncategorized
Whether you gained a few extra pounds during quarantine or you just want to get yourself to a healthier place, it's time to shelve all your excuses and get motivated to move. But trying to figure out where to start can be a daunting task. Here are a few apps to kick-start your fitness goals. ...
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Off Screen: Digital Detox

2021 Editions April 2021 Featured Magazine Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic
Goodbye screens; hello outside world! Depending on where your family stands with the pandemic, screen-time limits have been relaxed or may have been completely removed during the craziness that was 2020. As we head toward a better outlook, it may be time for a digital detox to help your family shake off the cloud of electronic energy hanging over your home. ...
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Screens On: Parent Gaming Guide

2021 Editions April 2021 Featured Magazine Parenting
It's important to know how and where your children are spending their time online. The excitement of leveling up, the rush of defeating a boss, or just socializing with other players has led to increased gaming across the board. Take a look at the most popular games with kids and what parents should know about them. ...
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Say what?! Speaking the Language of Generation Z

Featured Parenting Technology Teens
Generation Z thrives on a constant stream of communication through their mobile devices. Subsequently, they have developed their own slang words made up of acronyms and phrases to describe their interactions with the world. Parents almost need to be bilingual to understand it. Check out this list of popular terms, sorted based on their level of concern for a parent. ...
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21st Century Piggy Bank for Your Kids

Ages & Stages Parenting Technology
Teaching your kids to manage money is an invaluable life lesson. Mike Daugherty, technology expert, shares with us his recommendation for a new app kids — and parents — can use to improve financial literacy. ...
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Education for Your Ears

Featured Parenting
Podcasts are the perfect way to add some color to activities like jogging, commuting, cleaning, or running errands around town. Whether you are new or an active weekly listener, there are thousands of options when it comes to choosing a show. Here are some podcasts for kids and parents. ...
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