Meet the Mascots: Lovable Characters from Northeast Ohio Sports Teams

Meet the Mascots: Lovable Characters from Northeast Ohio Sports Teams

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Photos by Kim Stahnke

The name of the game in Northeast Ohio is endless. This is an exciting time in our cities, which provide family-friendly sports teams that rival even the biggest regions when it comes to the players, the coaches, the fans, the foods — and most importantly, the mascots. They’re the ones who get a smile from the littlest of fans to the oldest. Our region is home to some wonderful characters who have the best team spirit and never fail to energize the crowds.

We found out a little more about each of these lovable mascots.



Mascot Team: Canton Charge

Position or Number: Crowd Hype Man, #12

Height: 6’ 0”

Place of Birth: Canton Civic Center

How I got my name: “Positive Charge”

Favorite movie: “Space Jam”

Best game snack: Hot dogs

Hobbies or Interests: Hanging out with best friends Sir CC and Moondog, and supporting local Cleveland and Northeast Ohio sports teams.

Favorite music: Dance Music or EDM

Best trick shot: Half court shots

Places I love to visit in Northeast

Ohio: A stroll through Monument Park in Canton with a stop at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Social Media handles: @chargepozzie



Mascot Team: Cleveland Cavaliers  

Height/Weight: 5’9”, 170 pounds

Place of Birth: Cleveland

How I got my name: I’m named after Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Cleveland legend Alan Freed, who introduced the musical genre “Rock and Roll” via the radio and his many concerts. As his career grew in the early 1950s, he attained the nickname “Moondog” and he called his show “The Moondog House.”

Favorite Game Snack: Nachos from a fan

Hobbies/Interests: Home games, crazy stunts, interacting with Cavaliers fans

Favorite Music: “Cleveland Rocks” by Ian Hunter

Best Trick Shot: Backwards half-court shot

Social Media Handles: @cavsmoondog (Instagram/Twitter)



Mascot Team: Cleveland Indians

Position and or Number:
Plays all!

Really up there!

Place of Birth:
Fuchsia Islands

How I got my name:
Dad’s favorite pitch!

Favorite movie:
“Major League II”

Best game snack:
Sugardale hot dogs

Hobbies or Interests:
Playing drums for Slider & The Dogs band, baseball,
dancing, music, eating popcorn and cheering on the Tribe!!

Favorite music:
Anything with drums!

Best trick shot:
Stomach dance

Places I love to visit in Northeast Ohio:
Progressive Field

Social Media handles:
@sliderthemascot (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)



Mascot Team: Cleveland Browns

Position or Number:



The Dawg Pound

Favorite movie:
“101 Dalmatians,” and “Dr. Dolittle”

Favorite Food:
Roasted raven & baked Bengal tiger

Hobbies or Interests:
#1 Browns Fan, reading, fetching frisbees and exercising

Favorite music:
“Bad to the Bone”



Mascot Team: Lake Erie Crushers

Height: 6’5”

Place of Birth: Avon (Sprenger Health Care Stadium)

Favorite movie: “Field of Dreams,” “Rookie of the Year,” “The Sandlot”

Best game snack: Hotdogs, soft serve ice cream

Hobbies or Interests: Being in the community and meeting new friends

Favorite music: Anything I can dance to!

Places I love to visit in Northeast Ohio: Local schools that participate in the Reading Program, surrounding communities from the ballpark

Social Media handles: Stomper the Bear (Facebook)



Mascot Team: Cleveland Monsters

Full Name: Sullivan C. Goal

Height: 6’6”

Place of Birth: Cleveland

Favorite movie: “Miracle”

Best game snack: Popcorn (and it’s fun to throw at fans, too!)

Hobbies or Interests: Ice Skating, taking fan photos

Favorite music: “Feel Like a Monster”

Places I love to visit in Northeast Ohio: Lake Erie

Social Media handles: @monsterssully (Instagram/Twitter); Sullivan C. Goal (Facebook)



Mascot Team: Akron RubberDucks

Position or Number: #00

Place of Birth: Akron

Favorite movie: “Major League”

Best game snack: The Screamer (A 5-pound sundae served in a full-size helmet, featuring 21 scoops of ice cream, a pound of crumbled brownie, four whole bananas, hot fudge and sprinkles.)

Hobbies or Interests: Extreme kayaking

Favorite music: The Black Keys

Places I love to visit in Northeast Ohio: Canal Park

Social Media Handles: @akronrubberduck (Twitter)



Mascot Team: Lake County Captains

Position or Number: 0

Height: 6’

Place of Birth: Classic Park

Occupation: Captains Biggest Fan

Favorite movie: “The Sandlot”

Best game snack: Five Star Hot Dogs, Cracker Jack

Hobbies or Interests: Dancing on dugouts

Favorite music: “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Best trick shot: Expert at tossing t-shirts

Places I love to visit in Northeast Ohio: Classic Park, Lake Erie

Social Media handles: @captainsbaseball (Facebook), @lccaptains (Twitter & Instagram)



Social Media handles: @tribehotdogs


Position or Number: #1
Height: 16 3/4 buns
Place of Birth: Sugardale, Ohio
How I got my name: What I add to a baseball when I throw it
Favorite movie: “The Sandlot”
Hobbies or Interests: Messing with Andre Knott
Favorite music: Slider & The Dogs
Best trick shot: Water bottle flip


Position or Number: #7, after Kenny Lofton
Height: 15 1/2 buns
Place of Birth: Sugardale, Ohio
How I got my name: What the boys do when I win the Hot Dog Derby: CRY!
Favorite movie: “A League of Their Own” because there is no crying in baseball, even for Onions!
Hobbies or Interests: Beating the boys in the Sugardale Hot Dog Derby
Favorite music: Justin Bieber
Best trick shot: Using my plethora of purses in the Hot Dog Derby


Position or Number: #99, After Ricky Vaughn
Height: 17 1/2 Buns
Place of Birth: Sugardale, Ohio
How I got my name: What I always have to do in the Sugardale Hot Dog Derby: KETCHUP!
Favorite movie: “Major League”
Hobbies or Interests: Cheating in the Sugardale Hot Dog Derby
Favorite music: Nickelback

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