Smart Resale: Buy, Sell and end up with Extra Cash in your Pocket

Smart Resale: Buy, Sell and end up with Extra Cash in your Pocket

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Buying clothes and toys for your kids through resale shows, thrift stores, or garage sales has become very popular. Yet some people find themselves hesitant to try buying or selling via resale, for fear of lack of quality or expending a lot of effort for little reward.

The best way to quell your resale reluctance is to talk to parents who have experience in both buying and selling. These parents offer a clear picture as to why resale is a smart choice for kids’ shopping.

Quality Merchandise
First and foremost, all the resale moms dispelled the myth that most secondhand items are of an undesirable quality. Everyone had a favorite item that they had purchased, from jogging strollers to bikes to special occasion clothing.

These items were gently used, well cared for, and held up well for use by the buyers’ children. Nicole Grasso, of Medina, who has both bought and sold at resale shows, explains, “Everyone tends to feel a sense of pride in what they are reselling. This means items are truly in clean, well-cared for condition and oftentimes, people didn’t even realize we were second owners of items.”

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Common Sense
Children outgrow both clothing and toys so quickly that the cost can really accumulate, especially for specialty items that may have limited, or even single, use.

Jen Picciano, reporter at Cleveland 19 News and mom of three girls, points out, “It seems ridiculous to spend $50 or more at a department store on dresses for Easter or Christmas that they will literally only wear once…I also like to score dance shoes at resale. They grow out of them so fast and I have two girls in tap and ballet. I can usually find them for less than half of what I’d pay at a dance shop.”

Laura Temming, of Mentor, says her favorite item purchased at resale offered savings on what ended up being an item she did not use very often. “One of the best things I bought for Caleb was a jogging stroller,” she says. “While I couldn’t have anticipated this, he was ready to be done with strollers by 18 months and would rarely sit in one. So, it was a great investment and we didn’t spend a lot on something we used for such a short time.”

Shopping resale allows you to explore a child’s perhaps fleeting interest in a toy, purchase a special occasion outfit for a holiday, or stock up on strollers, all for far less money than buying from a store.

Community Connection
Resale events have become not only a great place to score a deal, but also a way to connect with other parents.

Grasso enjoys resale shows, particularly when selling, precisely for this reason. “It’s always fun to meet first-time moms,” she says. “I was pregnant with my third when I sold and I could help answer questions not even related to clothes, toys or gear, and see a mom noticeably relax.”

Photo courtesy of Deborah Bracy

Temming also notes people’s generosity and friendliness as a plus to the resale environment. “People are so generous…and you know they are trying to give people a good deal rather than make a huge profit,” she says.

Also, some resale stores in the area are tied to a nonprofit organization, so shopping or donating items to these stores helps give back to that particular charitable mission.

Clear the Clutter
Selling items at resale shows helps clear the clutter from your home. Tracy Francescone, of Macedonia, sold some of her daughter’s out-of-season and too-small clothing, which helped her make more space in her home and put cash in her pocket.

Deborah Bracy, of Avon, notes the environmental impact of resale shows. “I saw it as a great way to contribute to saving the environment — one less item to the landfill,” she says.

Fun Money
Whether making money by selling items at a resale show or saving money by buying items through resale, the bottom line is that there will be more money in your pocket.

“By budgeting wisely and purchasing resale, I can ensure we maintain our ability to be out and about in Northeast Ohio and not directing unnecessary funds toward brand-new shoes, clothes, toys, etc.,” Grasso says.

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