What’s Streaming? Holiday Edition 2020

What’s Streaming? Holiday Edition 2020

family-friendly Netflix

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to snuggle up the couch and watch a holiday classic! Here are a few of our favorites and where to find them this season. 

“Little House on the Prairie: Christmas at Plum Creek”
on Amazon Prime
Get inspired about what truly matters by watching episode 15 from the first season of this 1970s TV show. Christmas is coming and members of the Ingalls family work, save and sacrifice to make their loved ones’ holiday wishes come true. 

“An American Tail” on Starz via Hulu
This 1986 animated hit from Steven Spielberg features a family of Jewish mice, including Fievel Mousekevitz, who gets his blue hat as a Hanukkah gift from his father before immigrating to the United States. 

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