Your Family’s Summer Bucket List: 50 Things to do This Season

Your Family’s Summer Bucket List: 50 Things to do This Season

things to do with kids in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

The warm weather and longer days of summer are upon us, and if you’re like most parents, you want to pack in as much family fun as possible before your kids return to the classroom. Here are 50 ideas for summertime fun that will keep your family busy and making memories all season long. See how many you can check off the list!

1. Fly a kite

2. Go on a family bike ride

3. Get a treat at a local ice cream shop

4. Plan a beach day

5. Catch fireflies

6. Attend an outdoor concert

7. Visit one of the area’s many museums

8. Buy dinner ingredients at a farmers market and cook the meal together

9 .Plant flowers or a garden

10. Create a family book club or a shared reading nook

11. Camp out in the backyard (or the living room, if air conditioning is more your style)

12. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find

13. Make homemade popsicles

14. Stay in your PJs all day and have a movie marathon

15. Relax in a hammock

16. Learn something new: fishing, archery, knitting, etc.

17. Go for a hike

18. Have a picnic

19. Play yard games: tag, Simon says, red rover, corn hole, etc.

20. Attend a county fair

21. Watch a sunrise or sunset

22. Have a “screen-free” day, during which no one in the family uses electronics

23. Plan a backyard scavenger hunt

24. Feed ducks or fish at a local pond

25. Have a campfire and make s’mores

26. Create a chalk mural on the driveway

27. Have a family game night with special snacks and prizes

28. Eat at a food truck

29. Participate in your library’s summer reading program

30. Build a fort (boards, branches, blankets — you choose the materials)

31. Ride on a boat, even if it’s just a paddle boat or kayak rental

32. Volunteer somewhere or complete a 5K for charity

33. Spend a rainy day at an indoor play or jump center

34. Stay up late and go stargazing

35. Set up a lemonade stand, or support a neighborhood entrepreneur by buying from theirs

36. Play a family game of miniature golf

37. Lie on your backs and look for shapes in the clouds

38. Make a splash with hoses, water balloons, sprinklers or squirt guns

39. Roll down a hill (yes, this means mom and dad, too)

40. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or at the local park

41. Make and hang a bird feeder

42. Dance in the rain and jump in puddles

43. Go to the zoo or farm to get up-close with animals

44. Visit a new playground or park

45. Root for the home team at a local sporting event

46. Buy something from an ice cream truck

47. Visit a nearby water park or splash pad

48. Make a mess: head outside for finger painting, mud pies, slime or other gooey fun

49. Visit a farm that offers pick-your-own produce

50. Go to a drive-in movie theater, or borrow a projector and make your own outdoor screen

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