#CLEMAMA — Get Out Your Cookbook: 5 Meals to Make for Your Family

#CLEMAMA — Get Out Your Cookbook: 5 Meals to Make for Your Family

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Did you know October is National Cookbook Month?

I’ve found so many great recipes in cookbooks throughout the years. I used to think it was silly to have cookbooks in the age of technology, when it’s so easy to look up recipes online, but it has helped me so much to have a set of core cookbooks that I go to all the time. I have several that are my go-to for great family recipes.

Here are five easy meal ideas you can add to your menu board. 

Grilled cheese. You can jazz up this classic by using havarti cheese or colby jack, and adding avocado and arugula. And you gotta have tomato soup for dipping. Can’t forget that.

Tacos. I’m guessing this is already one of your go-to meals, but have you made taco sloppy Joes? It’s so easy and fun to change it up. I always keep cauliflower rice to have on the side when I make regular tacos. Another great idea for the kids is to wrap your taco meat in crescent rolls and bake. The kids will love it.

Sheet pan chicken and veggies. I like to use bell peppers, broccoli and sweet potatoes. This is a great recipe to have the kids prepare. I found a kid-friendly knife set, and my daughter loves helping me cut vegetables now.

Quick pasta and chicken sausage. My daughter loves alfredo sauce, so I always keep some handy. I add chicken sausage for the protein. If we have them, we’ll saute some bell peppers and zucchini to throw in, too.

Quesadillas.  Is there anyone who doesn’t like quesadillas?! I didn’t think so. Just use tortillas, refried beans, cheese and chicken if you want to add! We love adding salsa and guacamole, too. This has been in our rotation for a long time. You can’t go wrong with them. 

A few other tips: 

  • Test cookbooks before you buy them by checking them out at the library first! If you like it enough, it’s worth buying it and having it to grab whenever you need it. 
  • Keep frozen veggies on hand to throw on the stove when you need them in a pinch.

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