Bike Trail Etiquette

Bike Trail Etiquette

Photo courtesy of LoveBug Photography by Courtney Ucker.
Photo courtesy of LoveBug Photography by Courtney Ucker.

Don’t get caught blocking the trails for other cyclists. Review the rules of the road — trail — with your kids to be ­courteous and safe.

Jason Kunz, marketing manager of Eddy’s Bike Shop, with locations in Stow, Montrose, North Olmsted and Willoughby Hills, and a veteran cyclist with 20 years on the trail, shares the ­basics.

  •  Go single file on the trail;
  • Follow the same directions you would in a car on the trail, don’t ride in the middle;
  • Bookend the kids — have one parent bike in front and one in back of your kids;
  • Make sure the person at the head of your group has a bell — when you are about to pass other riders or pedestrians, ring the bell to let them know you’re there;
  • When stopping to see something along the way, move your bikes off the trail; and
  •  Enjoy yourself.

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