Helpful Apps for Seniors and their Caregivers

Helpful Apps for Seniors and their Caregivers

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Their ease of use and accessibility make apps particularly helpful for seniors and their caregivers. An added bonus is that many of them are free. Whether you use an Android or Apple phone, a world of help is just a few swipes away.  Thanks to today’s smartphones, you can leaf through a host of useful apps — computer programs designed specifically to run on mobile devices.

Alzheimer’s Support
The free Alzheimer’s Disease Pocketcard app by Börm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC provides clinical information on the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, interactive assessment tools, and education packets that can be sent directly to patients and caregivers.

The free Caregiver Buddy app by the Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Illinois Chapter, provides caregivers with information about how to care for someone suffering with memory loss and focuses on providing support in the areas of daily routine, communication, and behaviors. It also provides live help 24 hours a day by clicking and calling the Alzheimer’s Association helpline.

Blood Pressure
The SmartBP Tracker by Evolve Medical Systems is a free blood pressure management app that allows you to record, track, and share your BP information. Similar apps are the free Blood Pressure Log –   MyDiary by Dr. Tomasz Jan Zlamaniec, which is available to Android users through Google Play. The Blood Pressure Monitor — Family Lite by Taconic System LLC is another free app that allows iPhone users to record their BP numbers and weight.

Brain Games
While there may be a debate about the effectiveness of memory training apps in boosting cognitive skills, there seems to be an online consensus among reviewers that many of these apps are just plain fun. These apps include memory exercises, logic problems, word puzzles, and a host of games. Elevate by Elevate Labs and Lumosity – Brain Training by Lumos Labs Inc. are two of the most popular apps and are available in free and paid versions.

Cancer Support
BELONG Beating Cancer Together by Belongtail Ltd. and My Cancer Coach by Genomic Health Inc. are free apps for those battling cancer. The BELONG app includes access to leading oncologists, radiologists and nurses who answer questions. My Cancer Coach also provides specific information about personalized treatments.

Diabetes Support
Glucose Buddy by Azumio Inc. is a free app that allows you to log and chart your blood glucose, carb intake, medication, activities, A1C levels and BP. MySugr by mySugr GmbH is another free app that records your blood sugars, carb intake, bolus, continuous glucose monitor, hypos, and activity data via connected devices. A companion app, mySugr Pro, also is available for a monthly fee.

Lost and Found
MyCar Locator by nomadrobot for Android and Park and Forget by for iOS devices are apps that will help you find your parked car. MyCar Locator is free while Park and Forget will cost you 99 cents. Find My Phone by Family Safety Production is a free app designed to do what its name says: find your Android or iPhone.

CareZone by CareZone is a free app designed to help you manage and track medications. This app will remind you when it’s time to take a dose or to refill a prescription. Along with useful tracking, sharing, and contact storage features, CareZone allows you to upload and store important health files directly to your phone.

MedWatcher by HealthMap is a free app developed in collaboration with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). You can make a quick list of all the drugs, vaccines, and medical devices that you use and receive news bulletins and safety alerts regarding them through this app or via email. This app also allows you to report side effects directly to the FDA.

Get Social
SeniorPeopleMeet, SeniorsMeet and OurTime are dating apps by People Media’s OurTime Community. While these apps are free, they are for subscription dating sites. These apps permit you to view profiles and photos and swipe to meet other senior singles, but subscriptions are required for additional features. Senior People Mingle by Mingle LTD is a free app for Android users. This app includes access to chat rooms and allows you to see photos and videos of potential matches. If such apps do not interest you, there’s always Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Laketran App, by the Lake Transit Authority (in Lake County), helps plan a trip, track the bus, get schedule and fare information or use click-to-call Dial-a-Ride services.

Senior commuters in Cuyahoga County can choose an app to receive route and service information for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA). You can find the mobile app RTA CLE on or to learn how to download.

In Portage County, the Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority (PARTA) offers the SPOT PARTA app, which provides real-time tracking info. This app may also be downloaded at

In Summit County, METRO does not offer an app as its website and schedules are optimized for viewing across all mobile platforms. However, the myStop Mobile app from Avail Technologies Inc. does provide real-time tracking info about METRO’s buses.

The apps listed here represent just a fraction of the many that are available to seniors. Google Play and the App Store are not your only sources for useful apps. More can be obtained directly from developers and from sources such as

Please note that this list is for informational purposes only and is not comprehensive. Northeast Ohio Parent is not endorsing specific apps.

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