Children’s Medication Safety While at the Hospital

Children’s Medication Safety While at the Hospital

Medication safety tips for kids

From over-the-counter medications to prescriptions, herbs, vitamins and more, knowing what your child is taking and when they are taking it will help prevent any potentially harmful interactions.

Here are some tips from Akron Children’s Hospital for parents to keep kids safe:

  • Speak up if you don’t recognize a medication or amount the caregiver is using.
  • When your child is released from the hospital, feel free to ask about the medications they will be taking at home. Make sure you understand which medications to take, how often and when.
  • Check with your care provider if your child takes a medicine at home that they have not been given at the hospital.
  • Provide a written list of your child’s current medications. Include prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and herbs. Be sure to include how much, how often and how they are taken.
  • Tell your doctor about allergies or bad reactions your child has had to current or previous medications before they are given a new medication.

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