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Area Reading Programs Help Kids Avoid the Summer Slide

2019 Editions Education Featured July 2019 Magazine
“Summer slide” refers to the learning loss that occurs when children do not engage in educational activities, especially reading, during the summer months. Learn things to do at home to avoid the summer slide, as well as reading programs offered by many local libraries and organizations. ...
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School Choices Abound: Explore a Growing Number of Options for Children’s Education

Online schools in Ohio
2018 Editions Education Featured Magazine October 2018 Parenting
The list of choices available to families concerning childhood education has grown beyond the traditional options of public, private or parochial schools. Over the last 25 years, charter schools, online schools and homeschooling have joined the list. Learn more about a few of these options. ...
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Game Play: Benefits of Youth Sports go Beyond the Field or Court

2018 Editions Ages & Stages August 2018 Featured Magazine Parenting Teens

Getting your child active in sports benefits them well beyond giving their game consoles a rest. Along with fresh air and exercise, children gain valuable social skills. Such skills

... ...
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Akron Children’s Hospital’s Doggie Brigade Brings Comfort, Confidence to Patients

2018 Editions Health Magazine May 2018 Worth Noting

After a 30-year career with UPS, Chris Witschey knew she wanted to do some sort of volunteer work that involved children or dogs. Thanks to Akron Children’s Hospital’s Doggie

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Children can be an Investment Opportunity for your Golden Years

2017 Editions Aging Answers December 2017 Finance Health

Many adults prepare for their senior years by putting aside money in 401(k) accounts or various retirement plans. They may also diet and exercise regularly and, with their physician’s help,

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Helpful Apps for Seniors and their Caregivers

Aging Answers Health

Their ease of use and accessibility make apps particularly helpful for seniors and their caregivers. An added bonus is that many of them are free. Whether you use an Android

... ...
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