Winter Skincare Tips from Apex Dermatology

Winter Skincare Tips from Apex Dermatology

Wintertime can be very harsh on your skin. To help you combat skin challenges during this season, Dr. Aziza Wahby answers some common questions and gives tips for winter skin care.

What is the best face product for dry skin?
It’s usually a safe bet to increase your moisturizer. If you’re someone who uses a normal face lotion, opt for a face cream instead for extra moisture. Or, if you typically don’t use moisturizer, try a lighter lotion.

Dr. Wahby suggests, “If you use retinoid or retinol products, consider decreasing frequency of application to a just a few times a week in the winter, mix your retinoid with a moisturizer and consider decreasing the volume of product used per application.”

What about Showering in the Winter?
Although showers feel like heaven during these cold winter months, they can cause dry skin. Dr. Wahby says, “Tepid water is a better choice, especially during the harsh winter months. I always tell patients that if the shower is hot enough to fog up your mirrors, then it’s too hot.”

Any handwashing tips?
“Handwashing is very important this time of year. It is one of the most important things we can do to prevent the spread of colds and flu. However, frequent hand washing can cause excessive dryness of the skin.”

To avoid the dryness, use gentle, fragrance-free soaps and be sure to moisturize after handwashing. She adds, “I frequently use petrolatum on my hands at night, which is occlusive and helps prevent moisture loss.”

And remember…sunscreen and skin checks are important all year!
“It is important to check your skin every month throughout the year, no matter how many layers you are wearing daily. Also, remember that while the sun’s intensity is diminished, it is still important to wear sunblock when participating in outdoor winter activities such as skiing.”


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Dr. Aziza Wahby

Dr. Wahby is board certified dermatologist at the Apex Dermatology office in Westlake. She provides the full range of general medical, pediatric, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic services. Her passion lies in utilizing the most current dermatologic advances to create individualized therapies for common skin conditions.

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