#CLEMAMA: Get ‘er Done in 2021

#CLEMAMA: Get ‘er Done in 2021

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Let’s get ‘er done in 2021. It rhymes so well, it just had to be said. I don’t know what it is about the new year, but there is something about starting fresh that gets me motivated. I’m not really big on New Year’s resolutions, but I do come up with a theme to guide the year for me. Last year, it was TRUST. And, well — that word turned out to be fitting, I must say. Now, my word of the year is going to be HOPE. Hope is for all of our futures and that the lessons we learned from this year will stick with us. 

It goes without saying that last year we were all on the struggle bus a bit more than normal. But I have to say there were some bright moments that came out of such a tough year. My family and I spent more time together doing crafts, playing, having dinner and more. My favorite part is that a lot of it stuck. For example, we’ve been playing Uno Attack together after dinner instead of doing other things. (By the way, Uno Attack is far superior to regular Uno!) 

In addition to focusing on hope, I’m going to use this year to make progress. Not perfection, progress. Just like I said — get ‘er done in 2021. I’m making a list of things (even though I’m truly not calling them resolutions) that I want to stick with this year. Some of my goals are personal goals, but others are more general that I think we all could use to stay motivated, healthy and thankful. Here are six goals to get ‘er done:

1. Drink more water. 

Take half your weight and drink that amount in ounces each day. Grab a refillable water bottle and bring it with you wherever you go. There are some great free apps to help you track your progress.

2. Keep a gratitude journal. 

It’s eye opening and helpful to take time each day and process all the blessings around you. Write down three things you’re thankful for each day. 

3. Read 12 books. 

I love going to the library and I love reading! I took on this challenge last year and found so much enjoyment. 

4. Eat healthier. 

I know this is a common one that so many people try to do but fail. Let’s go back to progress, not perfection. I shoot for the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the time, I’m eating super clean and healthy, but there are some times when I’m going to treat myself.

5. Exercise more. 

Find a program that works for you. It might be at your local gym, on a new bike or with an app. If you’re not currently motivated to work out, keep looking for what works for you. 

6. Take care of yourself. 

Go to the doctor to get your yearly physical, take your vitamins, eat healthy, detox or take an Epsom salt bath. I talk to so many people who tell me they just don’t have time. But, you can’t run on an empty tank. Make it a goal this year to concentrate on your health and taking care of you. 

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