Reading Room: March 2023 Book Picks for Kids

Reading Room: March 2023 Book Picks for Kids

Historical fiction can be a great way to engage young readers. These series each take a different approach, making it more likely you will find one that will captivate your child. Northeast Ohio Parent’s Reading Room has partnered with Cleveland Public Library this year for  “Cleveland Reads.” This month’s recommendations are provided by Karen Kelly Grasso, Youth Services Librarian at the Jefferson Campus.


 “I Survived” series: I survived the California wildfires, 2018.

By Lauren Tarshis

Josh and his cousin Molly are caught in the Paradise wildfire. They must survive the wildfire before Josh can deal with the other issues in his life. The storytelling in this book is wonderful and the spoiler (I survived) is appreciated. Books in the series are well-researched and have additional information at the end, but the stories of the children involved are what makes each title compelling. 

“You Choose” series: Can you survive the Schoolchildren’s Blizzard?

By Ailynn Collins

The reader gets the chance to live as a young boy, a young girl, or a teacher in the Dakota Territory in January 1888. The characters, and their choices, are based on records from the time and the blending of fact and fiction. Other “You choose” titles include natural disasters, historic events, game day sports, and even careers.

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales series: Alamo All-Stars

By Nathan Hale

An equal mix of history, storytelling, and blood and guts, this graphic novel tells the story of the Alamo. Readers get a detailed overview of the players, including the Texans (the first name for American settlers), the Mexicans, and the native peoples of the region that would become Texas. The series has 11 books spanning history from the American Revolution to the Korean War where young readers get an inside view of key moments.

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