#CLEMAMA: 8 Games to Play with Your Family

#CLEMAMA: 8 Games to Play with Your Family

- in 2022 Editions, Magazine, October 2022

I like to have fun… I mean who doesn’t? But it wasn’t until I met Len Howser, my co-host of “Len and Sara” at 95.5 The Fish, that I felt compelled to up my game as the “fun parent.” I mean cause admit it, we all want to be the “fun parent.” Len and I hosted the morning show together for eight years now and during those times I’ve learned a lot about incorporating “fun” into things. I’ll be honest sometimes it doesn’t come naturally but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself out of your comfort zone to try new fun things.

One of the best things I’ve learned is the joy that comes from doing your own family games. They can be for big family get-togethers, fun for a family dinner, or to jazz up an outing you and your family are having. 

Sara and Her Daughter Reagan at a concert at Blossom Music Center. While backstage, before show, they had a picture contest.

The last concert Len and I were working at, I brought my daughter Reagan, 11. We had some time backstage so instead of just hanging out,  which admittedly is cool on its own, Len challenged her to a game. Whoever took the best “artsy” backstage photo before the concert won. My daughter loved it and it was just enough fun to carry us over to concert time.

Here’s eight ideas that Len and I have for your whole family:

1. Play Charades. Don’t buy charades, make up your own charades and make them unique and outside of the box – “You are a popcorn kernel popping,” “You are an astronaut on the moon and you trip on a rock,” “Suddenly you are magnetic.”

2. Restaurant short-term memory game. Hand your family the menu or have them look over a promotional flier. Give them a minute. Then quiz them on the details. “What is Tuesday’s Special?” “What kind of pie was pictured on the dessert menu?” or “What year was the restaurant founded?”

3. Phone photo contest. Everyone takes a photo and uses whatever filters they like. The person with the most unique, professional, and “artsy” photo wins. Vote by committee or choose a stranger as a judge.

4. Pretzel challenge. Nibble the outside of a pretzel all the way around without it breaking.

 5. Set a world record. Pretend you are setting a world record. Balance things, toss and catch something across the room 100 times without dropping. Just set a big goal and go for it. Don’t quit until you make it (Len challenged me to balance an egg on a table once and I did it). 

6. Make up a jingle. One person picks an object in the room. Another person has to make up a jingle that goes at least 20seconds (my family loves this one). 

 7. Counting flags. Next time you’re on a road trip, whether short or long, tell your kids to look at all the houses and count the American flags. Whoever counts the most wins.

8. I SPY. When you go on vacation (cruising, resort, etc., find one person the first day, normally while we’re in line, and count how many times we see them throughout the week. Whoever counts the most wins.

Have fun, be creative — and always feel free to put your own spin on these or create your own.

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