Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas for Couples

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Has romance taken a back seat during this pandemic? It’s completely understandable, if so. Restaurants are closing early, we’re not having as many babysitters over our homes, and that new tie dye loungewear set is just so much more comfortable than high heels. Here are some fun at-home ideas to add a little creativity to make this Valentine’s Day special.

1. Bring date night to your home. You know that little black dress you have shoved in the back of your closet? Pull it out this Valentine’s Day and have your significant other grab his nice suit. Get dolled up as if you were going out for a night on the town. Order take-out from your favorite restaurant, light some candles and bring date night to you. Will your kids be running around in the background? Maybe, but at least you don’t have to pay for parking!

2. Take a virtual dance class. Are your dance moves a little rusty? Push the couch over, put on your favorite flowy skirt and start dancing. Just Google “dance classes for couples” and you’ll find plenty of free online classes. Who cares if you’re terrible at it, as long as you’re laughing through it together, right?

3. Spa day. A massage has always been a popular Valentine’s Day gift for couples. Who says that has to stop during a pandemic? Turn your home into a spa. You can give each other massages. Why stop there? Give each other facials and pull out the bubbles and bath bombs.

4. Paint and sip at home. Have you been wanting to try one of those paint and sip classes? Why not create your own at home? Order some paints and canvases from Amazon and grab your favorite bottle of wine. Find a picture you both want to paint and see who can recreate it better.

5. Game night. Turn off the TV and phones and spend time together around a deck of cards or Monopoly board. Make it fun by picking a prize for the winner. How does no laundry for a week sound? Remember, you can always invite the kids to this one.

6. Zoom night. Don’t have a significant other this year? No problem. Pour your favorite glass of vino and schedule a Zoom night with your girlfriends. Choose a dinner theme and you can all make your own meal to match the theme.

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