Give Mom the Best Gift for Mother’s Day: A Mental Load Day Off

Give Mom the Best Gift for Mother’s Day: A Mental Load Day Off

Becoming a mother is something many little girls spend their childhood dreaming about. We swaddle our dolls, change pretend diapers, and fawn over our imaginary babies, secretly wondering when we will snuggle real children in the future.  

Motherhood is a constant adventure and rewarding in ways we could never imagine; but I designate Mother’s Day for any woman presently raising children. So, this Mother’s Day, let the mom in your life take a load off — more specifically, a mental load.  

Mothers are always thinking — about the household, needs of family members, tasks that need handled, organizing schedules, etc. — and the mental load of motherhood is exhausting. This Mother’s Day (and really all month), remove the mental load for the mom in your life. Do this by making all the decisions.

You can help mom by:

  • Get up with the kids when you hear them scampering for your bedroom at the crack of dawn, before they are inches away from mom’s face saying, “When are you going to get up? I’m hungry. I wanna play. I can’t find my [insert toy or object they just had in their hands but inexplicably misplaced moments before].”
  • Make the call on breakfast, brunch and dinner instead of asking mom where or what she wants to eat. Whatever is presented before her will be amazing because she did not have to prepare it, cook it, or clean it up.
  • Shuttle kids to and from play dates, sports events, etc.
  • Schedule the home repairs and make sure someone is home to open the door for the repairman.
  • Schedule the kids’ yearly well visits, and any follow-up appointments.
  • Know the status of boo-boos and the last time a dose of medicine was given.
  • Stay on top of never-ending loads of laundry.
  • Take the lead on switching out closets for the season and put aside clothes for resell or donation.
  • Try to resell, hand down or donate the outgrown clothes, coats, boots, jackets, bathing suits and shoes because wouldn’t it be nice to make a little extra money?

Step up and just make it happen — and let mom take a backseat to making decisions on anything for a little while (as long as she is OK with it).  

Plan the Day with Her in Mind

Plan your Mother’s Day gatherings and activities with her desires in mind. This means obligatory gatherings with extended family can be rescheduled. Plan the day and refrain from asking mom for help with anything.

Ask Mom What She Wants in Advance

If you are not sure about which choice to make, ask before Mother’s Day. Ask her what she wants as a gift, or present two options and let her choose. Ask her for a few ideas on what she would like to do on Mother’s Day. The key is not to wait until Sunday morning and wake up asking, “What do you want for breakfast? What do you want to do today?”

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