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Michelle Dickstein is a full-time working mom of three. Her passions include food, family vacations, and helping others live their best lives. You can read more from her at or

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Blended Journey: Local Couple Makes a Home Together

2019 Editions Magazine October 2019 Parenting

It’s 6 a.m. in Wadsworth and Dr. Jenn Popovsky and her husband, JP (John Paul) Paxton, are listening for the sounds of her three teenagers — twins, Roxanne and Jordan,

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Ask the School Nurse: Exploring Today’s In-School Medical Care

2019 Editions Education Health Magazine September 2019

Kids spend the majority of their time in the classroom. How does their time in school change if they have a chronic medical condition, like asthma, or need unanticipated medical

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Help Kids Conquer Common Childhood Fears

2019 Editions Ages & Stages Featured July 2019 Magazine Parenting
It’s typical for kids to be afraid of the dark, feel especially shy or fearful around new people, or tell their parents they cannot fall asleep because monsters are under the bed. How can you address common childhood fears without exacerbating the problem? Also, when should a parent be concerned that a common fear has become a phobia? ...
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‘Willy Wonka Jr.’ at Rising Star Center for the Arts in Akron

Things to do

My family and I attended last weekend’s Rising Star Center for the Arts performance of Willy Wonka Jr.   read more

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Mom Life: Four Local Women Share their Perspectives on Motherhood

2019 Editions Featured Magazine May 2019 Parenting
Motherhood has its ups and downs. In honor of Mother's Day, we share the stories of four women — stay-at-home mom, career mom, entrepreneurial mom and adoptive/foster care mom — each of whom represents and discusses the realities of being a mom. ...
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How to Reduce Hidden Sugars in Your Family’s Diet

2019 Editions April 2019 Food Health Magazine
According to the American Heart Association, an average American eats 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day. The recommendation is only six teaspoons a day for women and children, and nine teaspoons for men. Sugar is found in a lot of foods and, with more than 60 names, is not always easy to spot. ...
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What’s Cool After School: Help Your Child Find the Right Extracurricular Activity

2019 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine March 2019 Parenting Teens

Participating in an after school activity can help children learn a new skill or fuel an interest. Extra-curricular activities play a big part in developing a child’s identity and serve

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What to Know About High-Risk Pregnancy

2019 Editions Health Magazine March 2019 Parenting

“I had 29 ultrasounds,” says Callista Puchmeyer, a Westlake mother of five children, referring to her sixth pregnancy, which took place in 2018. “Additionally, our baby needed three in-utero blood

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Beyond Breastfeeding Basics: Tips to Prepare New & Expectant Nursing Mothers

2019 Editions Featured Magazine March 2019 Parenting
If you intend to breastfeed your baby, learn some helpful information to prepare you for the process, as a certified lactation counselor offers six tips to help new and pregnant moms succeed and reach their feeding goals. ...
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Reasons Why Summer Day Camp Could be the Best Fit for Your Kids

2019 Editions Camp Magazine March 2019
It’s true that Northeast Ohio’s weather may not feel like summer is near, but winter actually is the best time to sign up your kids for summer camp. Day camp is an alternative to traditional overnight camp, and an option many families choose for their children. Find out why summer day camp may be the right choice for your kids. ...
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