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Michelle Dickstein is a full-time working mom of three. Her passions include food, family vacations, and helping others live their best lives. You can read more from her at or

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Sense of Belonging: Amy and Jeff Belles Work to Create Sensory-Inclusive Spaces

Jeff and Amy Belles of Kulture City
2017 Editions Featured Magazine November 2017 Parenting Special Needs
Inspired by their son, 12-year-old Carson, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2, Amy and Jeff Belles decided to work toward forming acceptance and inclusion opportunities for individuals with special needs. Through their work with KultureCity, the couple has created accessibility and acceptance in the local community by collaborating with the Akron Zoo and Quicken Loans Arena. ...
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Resale Ready: 8 Tips and Trends for how to Buy and Sell Baby and Children’s Items

Children's resale stores in Ohio
2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine Parenting September 2017
Shopping resale for gently used baby and kids clothing, equipment and more can bolster your budget, since items cost significantly less than retail prices. Before you buy or sell, learn the top tips and trends to get the best bargains and earn the most cash. Then, check our list of area resale events and consignment stores to get started. ...
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Send Vacation Woes Packing with these Family Travel Tips

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured June 2017 Magazine Parenting

When planning a trip with the kids, parents try to think of all the unexpected situations and plan accordingly. You bring extra wipes, diapers, changes in clothes, and stockpile snacks

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A Father’s Day Message to My Three Daughters

Ages & Stages Featured Parenting
For 18 years I did not celebrate Father’s Day because I was raised by a single mom. Father’s Day was just not on my radar until my husband and I had kids of our own. My girls are only 5 and 3 years old, but they’ll be able to read one day. Here is what I would like my daughters to know about their dad this Father’s Day. ...
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How to Fit more Family Time — and Some ‘Me Time’ — into your Schedule

2017 Editions Ages & Stages April 2017 Featured Magazine Parenting

Finding quality family time as a working parent is really tough, not to mention getting some grown-up “me time,” too. Here are five real-life-tested tips to give yourself more time

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How One ‘Old Married Couple’ Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Ages & Stages Featured

We’re an old married couple.

My husband and I have been married long enough I have to really think about how many years it’s been (I need to pause and

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