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Michelle Dickstein is a full-time working mom of three. Her passions include food, family vacations, and helping others live their best lives. You can read more from her at or

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Reasons Why Summer Day Camp Could be the Best Fit for Your Kids

2019 Editions Camp Magazine March 2019
It’s true that Northeast Ohio’s weather may not feel like summer is near, but winter actually is the best time to sign up your kids for summer camp. Day camp is an alternative to traditional overnight camp, and an option many families choose for their children. Find out why summer day camp may be the right choice for your kids. ...
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Fighting for Allison Rose: Family Sets up Foundation to Help Others with Food Allergies

2019 Editions Health January 2019 Magazine Worth Noting

Allison Rose Suhy was a vibrant and energetic little girl. Her parents could not have predicted how much their daughter would change their lives in the years to come. read

... ...
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What is Postpartum Anxiety?

2018 Editions December 2018 Health Parenting
Did you know postpartum anxiety is more common than postpartum depression? We shed some light on this important issue and answer questions, including what postpartum anxiety looks like, how often it takes place and how a new mom can seek help. ...
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Craft New Traditions: Share and Explore the Meanings of the Season

2018 Editions December 2018 Magazine

The holiday season is associated with both joy and, conversely, stress. Making plans with friends and getting together with family is challenging for a variety of reasons.  What do you

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Flu Shot Myths and Misconceptions

Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio
2018 Editions Featured Health Magazine October 2018 Parenting
Do you know the differences between the flu and a common cold? Do you know when flu season begins and ends? A local pediatrician who has been in practice for 15 years shares his answers to common concerns and questions parents may ask about this year’s flu vaccine. ...
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Free-Range vs. Helicopter Parenting: Do Kids Need More Freedom?

2018 Editions Ages & Stages Magazine Parenting September 2018

Many parents have heard of helicopter parenting juxtaposed to free-range parenting. Helicopter parents are described as overly-involved by hovering over children, and come to the rescue at the first

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Why it’s OK to ‘Spoil’ a Baby

2018 Editions Ages & Stages August 2018 Health Magazine

Everyone has an opinion on how to handle a baby. Swaddle the baby. Don’t swaddle. Keep the baby in a bassinet in your room. Keep the baby in his

... ...
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How to Help your Child with Common Anxieties and Worries Before Class Begins

2018 Editions August 2018 Education Featured Health Magazine
August marks the end of summer and for some families, it is hard to enjoy the last days of summer knowing school anxieties are right around the corner. Learn how to ease these feelings by modeling appropriate coping skills and normalizing some of your child's reactions. ...
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Find Your Family’s New Summer Schedule

2018 Editions Ages & Stages June 2018 Magazine Parenting Special Needs

Kids look forward to the summer and being free of school, but at the same time, many parents may feel a small twinge of panic when they think about the

... ...
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Homemade Baby Food Basics

baby food recipes
2018 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Food Magazine May 2018 Parenting
Making your own baby food is a lot easier than you think. Parents often feel stumped about where to begin. You can give your baby what you are eating for a meal, as long as it's the right consistency. Learn a basic recipe you can make at home and modify with any number of foods. ...
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