Wribbenhall Child Development Center & The Outdoor Learning Lab

Wribbenhall Child Development Center & The Outdoor Learning Lab

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Wribbenhall was founded by three experienced kindergarten teachers who apply the most current developmentally appropriate practices to facilitate your child’s successful transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Wribbenhall recognizes and supports your child’s emerging learning style which will foster a can-do attitude and a willingness to take risks.  Their caring, insightful teachers use a variety of strategies, methods, materials and management tools to ensure that differences in learning styles are honored so that every child can master the skills necessary to reach their full potential. With differentiating activities, we are able to maintain high expectations and standards with a rigorous curriculum for all students.

Emergent Reading Skills and Phonological Awareness are introduced through interactive read-alouds and shared big-book readings to build a community of enthusiastic young readers.  Fiction and non-fiction texts are used daily to model reading with expression and increase children’s awareness of the concepts of print while strengthening their thinking skills.  These instructive lessons are designed to introduce our students to comprehension strategies such as making meaningful connections, predicting, questioning, and painting mental pictures – all of which enable children to become lifelong readers.

Young children’s knowledge of math develops over time. During a teacher-directed math lesson, a concept is introduced or reviewed and then followed by individual or partner practice. Students have a wide variety of math materials and games available to explore individually or with partners, which will help them make sense of the lesson or extend their understanding.  Many of our everyday activities naturally incorporate math concepts to make learning enjoyable and relevant.  When children build, sort, count, collect data, and measure, they are constructing a deep understanding of mathematical ideas.

They support young children’s scientific thinking and inquiry through a science component in their unit themes and projects.  Wribbenhall incorporates S.T.E.M. based lessons that pose real-world problems for children to collaboratively conduct experiments and test their hypotheses by collecting, recording, and analyzing data.   Asking pertinent questions to help them summarize their understanding and share their discoveries with one another, enables the children to use this knowledge to improve their original designs.

If you’re looking for an outdoor learning environment with three licensed Kindergarten teachers then you’ve found the right place. Sitting on more than two acres of land, Wribbenhall Child Development Center & Outdoor Learning Lab features organic gardening, fruit trees, a rain barrel, compost, a weather vane, a windmill, a windsock, a parachute & water games, a pond, fenced-in playground, and that’s just on the outside! On the inside, we have an entire room dedicated to major art projects, and music lessons featuring keyboard instruments, concertina, rhythm sticks, drums, etc. Your child’s day will center around open exploration at the writing center, children’s library (with over 300+ books), hands-on science experiments, puppet theater, costumes for live drama, and a multitude of manipulatives for your child to construct and interact with. Mathematical concepts will be taught through manipulatives such as, but not limited to, wooden and foam blocks, cuisenaire rods, and cubes. Your child will be engaged in meaningful, significant, and joyful learning at Wribbenhall Child Development Center & Outdoor Learning Lab.

They have two locations within 10 minutes of each other and your child attends both!! (Wribbenhall Child Development Center & The Outdoor Learning Lab)

Wribbenhall Child Development Center has 8 rooms and your child attends all of them (only returns to Toddler Room after they learn to read so they can read to the class)
(1). Nature Room (Toddler Program)
(2). Adventure Room (Romper Room)
(3). Broadway Room (Dramatic Play)
(4). Writers’ Workshop (English Language Arts)
(5). Numbers & Shapes Room (Mathematics & Engineering)
(6). Gallery Room (Fine Arts)
(7). NASA Room (Science & Technology)
(8). Motor Room (Gymnasium)

The Outdoor Learning Lab (open June, July, August)
Two acres of land and outdoor exploration
-Children take part in every step of the organic gardening process
-tunnels that go under the ground and back out the other side again
-three unique outdoor play areas
-rain barrel
-pebble pit
-red road
-tunnel mountain
-hobbit house
-enchanted forest
-pebble path
-troll bridge


Visit www.wribbenhall.com to learn more

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