#CLEMAMA — Take the “Reflection Challenge”

#CLEMAMA — Take the “Reflection Challenge”

- in May 2016, Parenting

A few months ago, we did something at The Fish that was pretty amazing. We had 30 days of  “Random Acts of Positive.” Each day, we gave listeners a new positive challenge to complete; they then texted us and let us know what they did.

As I was thinking of a new challenge for everyone, I had a thought that wouldn’t leave my mind — it was a challenge for ourselves. As ladies, we are just so darn hard on ourselves. We’re always focusing on what we want to make different, instead of what we love about ourselves. I can just hear us saying…“If I just didn’t have these bags under my eyes,” or “If I could just change this part of my body.”

I will be the first to say, I struggled with weight issues as a teen and had major confidence issues. It really took a toll on me. As a mom now, I try to be very conscious of the things I say about myself when my girls are around. I want them to see a mom who is confident, not someone who is constantly looking in the mirror and complaining. It’s not always easy to do…in fact, sometimes it’s a downright struggle. I truly believe children learn what they live, so I am working hard on it.

It felt like the perfect time for the “Reflection Challenge.” We asked listeners to take a look in the mirror and focus on a positive, naming one thing we like about what we see when we look in the mirror. I’m doing it, too! Self-confidence is our best outfit. Rock it. Own it.

After only an hour or so on-air, we saw amazing responses rolling in. It was beautiful.

I’ve included a few below. I hope it fills your heart with joy to read these like it did mine.

• “My eyes…most of the time I feel pretty good about myself, but honestly, today was a challenge. I’ve been feeling very depressed lately; I really appreciate this challenge because I needed to find something that I liked about myself.”

• “Mom calls them my ‘kisses from the sun.’ I have an identical mole on both of my cheeks right below the center of my eyes. A lot of people make fun of them But I love them — they are uniquely me.”

• “When I look into a mirror, I see an aging woman, yet my husband says I am still beautiful in his eyes.”

• “I look in the mirror and see an answered prayer. I have lost 35 pounds, with 82 to go for my goal weight. I’m feeling so much better about myself and am looking forward to being healthy again.”

• “Today as I look in the mirror I like my cheekbones because growing up I was always told I had my mother’s cheekbones. She has been gone 10 years this month and it just makes me feel like a little piece of her is always with me.”

• “Today I decided to look deeper than the skin when thinking about what I like about myself. I struggle a lot with my self-image, but today I’m thankful for my mind. I like how I’m blessed with the ability to think my own thoughts and perceive things in my own way.”

• “Today I looked in the mirror and saw my face maturing (in a good way — I have always had a baby face) and decided I really like the way I am aging. I am only 31, but have some gray hair and lines on my face, and still think it suits me.”

Feel inspired? Head to the mirror today and tell yourself one thing you love about your reflection.

One more thing…my daughters, Reagan and Makayla, and I got us started with the challenge. Check it out on my Facebook page : Sara Carnes or at this link: http://bit.ly/1ScGHhy.

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