Double the Love: Homa Bash and Husband, Daniel, Celebrate Parenthood With Twins

Double the Love: Homa Bash and Husband, Daniel, Celebrate Parenthood With Twins

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Homa Bash, weekend morning anchor and special projects reporter at WEWS News 5 Cleveland, and her husband, Daniel, had something to celebrate in this difficult year.

Bash gave birth to twin girls on June 23, and with the support of family and others, the couple is now navigating through double the fun of newborns.

Having twins isn’t new to the family. Bash’s husband has a twin brother, Steve.

When the ultrasound revealed twins, “we were so excited,” she says. “We have wanted kids for so long, it was double the blessing.”

While a pregnancy during a pandemic isn’t ideal for most couples, Bash says, everything worked out better than expected.

“It was nice — being isolated and pregnant,” she reflects. “It was an easy pregnancy.”

(Photo by Kim Stahnke)

They prepared for the twins with the typical baby showers, but also a gender neutral-themed baby room. 

“We didn’t find out the genders until they were born,” Bash says. “We couldn’t go on a (planned) safari last year due to COVID-19. We decided to turn their room into a safari theme. We both are big into animals. It makes us happy every time we go into their room. We had a lot of fun with it.” 

The twin girls, Zayna, (baby A), who Bash says “acts like it,” and Zarina (baby B) had their names picked out by Queso, their 1-year-old Cavadoodle (poodle and Cavalier Kings Charles mix), who she says is good with the twins.

“We had four or five — two boys and two girls names picked out,” Bash says. They had Queso choose the names by plucking them out of a hat and those are the names he chose.

Zayna’s name means “beauty,” and Zarina is “golden.”

Now that the babies have been home for a month, the new family is developing a routine.

Homa’s safari-themed baby room (Photos submitted by Homa Bash)

“You read all the books, watch the videos, and try to prepare as much as you can (before their birth), but nothing quite prepares you for feeding two babies at once.”

What has helped is having the babies on the same schedule and having breast milk pumped into bottles.

Bash says her twins were a few weeks early and are still practicing how to latch — something else that can be difficult to know until you have babies.

A lot of support from family and friends, including a group called Westshore Mothers of Twins Club, a nonprofit organization for parents of multiples, has helped.

“It’s truly a special club — and to have that support and wisdom,” Bash says.

Her mom, Shehnaz, has also been with her since the twins were born. “I would be lost without her,” she says.

The twins’ personalities are starting to emerge, which has been exciting for the family.

“Just looking at them grow, day by day, see their personality bloom, they are very different girls,” Bash says. “It’s a dream come true, times two. It was a hard year for a lot of people, and to have this light at the end of it has been great.”

Homa Bash and her mother, Shehnaz, at Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation. (Photo by Kim Stahnke)

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