How to Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Their Birthday

How to Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Their Birthday

How to Make Your Loved One Feel Special on Their Birthday

As a parent, you’ve almost certainly planned a birthday party for your little ones before. There’s the cake, the presents, the party favors, and of course, the other youngsters at the party. It’s always a fun event and a classic option for celebrating a birthday. However, if you’re feeling a little burnt out on parties (or maybe still not feeling comfortable with large groups), you could always take this opportunity to switch up how you celebrate the birthdays of the ones you love this year.

Here are a few unique ideas for how to show the special kids in your life how loved they are on their big day!

Give an experience

While everyone loves a cool gift, after a while, it can feel like your loved one has everything they need. Instead of giving yet another toy or board game, why not give the gift of an experience? An experience can be anything that your little one can do. Think about what your child is interested in. For example, if they love food, a kid’s cooking class might be just the ticket! Alternatively, if they are an animal lover, taking them to a local nature center or zoo for a hands-on activity could be a good fit. While they might not leave with an object, the memory of a great birthday will last forever.

Make them the birthday boss

One of our favorite ways to celebrate a birthday that I’ve ever heard of is something called the “Birthday Boss”. This means that, on their big day, the birthday kid gets to make all of the decisions about what the family eats and does. Talk about feeling special! They get to select the meals and the family has to participate in all their favorite activities, because the day is all about them. Prepare for this ahead of time so that you can successfully implement all of the choices of the Birthday Boss. You can even go above and beyond with banners, pictures, or personalized birthday yard signs, so the house is all decked out in celebration of them.

Create a gift together

Another option for a unique way to celebrate with a youngster is to impart some of your DIY wisdom. When you co-create a gift with your kids, you are giving them both a gift and an experience. Of course, as a parent, we know that safety is a priority. Be sure to tailor the project to their developmental level and interests; a 9-year-old can probably build a birdhouse with you, but you might not want to involve a hammer with your 4-year-old! This is a particularly special gift to give to a little one if you work a lot. Not only will they have fun building and creating with you, they will also love the quality time that they get to spend with you on their special day.

For older kids—give to their financial future

As your kids get older, they might not want to spend their entire birthday with their family. While this might be disappointing or feel hurtful, it’s perfectly developmentally appropriate for teens to want some more independence from their parents. Support this growth by offering a special gift that will help them be more independent in the long run: set money aside for their future. Whether you decide to open a college savings account or start their portfolio off with a few small investments, they will certainly appreciate the support in the future. Bonus: This is a great teaching opportunity for your almost-adults. After their birthday has passed, take the opportunity to share about how you make financial decisions and manage your money. These lessons will serve them well as they move forward to a new chapter in their life.

However you choose to recognize their birthday, they’ll surely appreciate the effort you put in to make their day feel special.

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