Meet the Bloggers for Northeast Ohio Parent

Meet the Bloggers for Northeast Ohio Parent

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Katie Plato

Katie Plato is a mom, thrifter, blogger and freelance graphic designer ­living on Cleveland’s East Side in a frat house full of boys. She shares her thrifty finds, DIY attempts and doppelganger-spotting ­talent on her blog, ­Something to be Found.

Katie Yensho

Katie Yensho is a 20-something, first-time, stay-at-home mom to a beautiful daughter through an open adoption. Married in 2008 to Nate, Katie began her blog, We Are Until Forever, to chronicle their journey in adopting a child and ­beyond as new parents.

Kristen Kelly

Kristen is a mom, wife, ­educator and blogger with her husband Dave and 1-year-old son Patrick. ­Kristen and her family love getting out to enjoy all that Northeast Ohio (NEO) has to offer, and shares her ­experiences, both in ­parenting and NEO, on her blog Ready…Set…Parenthood!

Mason Goodman

Mason Goodman is a ­father of twin boys. His blog, ZoneDefense Blog, was created to help new fathers navigate, debate and learn about fatherhood. The blog is named for a sports and childcare strategy when ­trying to cover the largest amount of space possible with the fewest people ­possible.

Maria Kehres

Maria Kehres is a wife, mom of three, teacher, techie wannabe, reluctant hockey mom and Pinterest ­addict who shares her ­experiences with other parents in Northeast Ohio through her blog, Lessons Learned.

Amy Antenora

A proud mom of two, Amy is the main “Mama” behind the blog, MamasDayOff, which features practical and locally ­focused ideas for recharging your ­batteries and ­reclaiming those long-forgotten, non-mom passions.

Ann Domeck

Ann Domeck believes that life is better if you take it with a glass of wine. She lives in Aurora and ­mothers two children, two dogs and one husband. She loves reading, skiing, ­gardening and reviews the wines she encounters in her crazy life journey on The Winey Mom.

Angela Gartner

Angela Gartner is the editor at Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, a mom of two boys and wife of 14 years. She loves to read, play sports with her boys and take care of the family’s Scottish Terrier. Her blog will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the ­magazine and as a working mom.

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