Welcome to Refresh!

Welcome to Refresh!

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The year 2020 has been challenging, right? We’ve experienced a lot of ups and a lot of downs. But guess what? Through it all, we prevailed. 

If there is any group who can turn a negative into a positive, it’s women! This year we were told we needed to live, work and teach from home due to coronavirus stay-at-home orders. Of course we listened, but we also made sure to make it fun.

Leave it to us to create “quarantine chic” and make loungewear the new fashion trend. 

TikTok is the teenager’s app, right? Not in 2020. We took that over real fast and even started a #MomsofTikTok viral hashtag.

We were told we weren’t allowed to get together at restaurants with our friends. No problem. We created  Zoom Happy Hour. Grab a glass of your favorite wine and make sure you’re logged on at 8 p.m. to chat with your girls.

Women rule. We are strong, we are ingenious and we are so funny. 

As moms, we’re balancing a lot. Let’s be honest, we are doing the hardest, albeit most rewarding, job in the world. But we need to remember it’s also important to take care of ourselves!

That’s why we’re excited to bring you refresh: a lifestyle magazine just for us. From fashion and food to home decor and fitness, we’re covering all the topics women love and need.

This month’s introductory edition is just a snippet, but it’s packed with information you can use. Read about the latest winter fashion trends, try out our tips for getting a better night’s rest, and keep up with the latest binge-worthy shows

Remember, while it’s good to be independent women, it’s also important to have a tribe of ladies with us! Take it from someone who went to an all-girl high school and lived with 40 women in her sorority house at college — it really is true that when women support one another, incredible things happen! 

So join us, will you? Take a load off your feet and let yourself be catered to for once. Sit back, relax and refresh!

Check out the Digital edition!

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