Socially-Distanced Halloween Activities

Socially-Distanced Halloween Activities

Want to celebrate the season while staying safe among COVID-19 concerns? Check out the following suggestions for socially-distanced Halloween fun.

Costume & Zoom

With large gatherings still not advised by health officials, in-person costume parties may be on hiatus this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and show off your clever group costume or handmade Halloween garb. We’re meeting online for everything else these days — work, school, church and more. Why not for a Halloween party? Set up a Zoom meeting and invite your fun-loving friends and family for a costume party unlike anything they’ve attended before. Tell guests to sign on in costume with their own treats and drinks ready to enjoy. Give each person a minute or two to share their costume and then have all attendees vote on winners in various categories, including best overall costume, best couples costume, best family costume, funniest costume and more. 


‘Boo’ your neighbors

Have you ever been booed? We’re not talking about sporting event jeers. We’re talking about getting a surprise Halloween treat from a neighbor and passing it along to others on your block. It’s a fun fall tradition that feels extra special this year. Why not start things off among your friends and neighbors? Here’s what to do:

  • Fill up a bag or two with your favorite candy or seasonal treats.
  • Write a note (or click here for a printable version) telling your neighbors that they’ve been booed with instructions to pay it forward.
  • Attach the notes to the treat bags and leave them on other families’ doorsteps for them to enjoy!
  • Share the fun with us on social media using the hashtag #NortheastOhioParentFallFun!

Candy Hunt

If your kids love Easter egg hunts, why not host another one this year — with a Halloween twist. Check Amazon or online party supply sites like Oriental Trading for jack-o-lantern or glow-in-the-dark “eggs.” You can also drag your plastic eggs out of storage and use Sharpies and whiteout to create your own Halloween egg creatures (think pumpkins, Frankensteins and monsters). Next, stuff them with candy, hide them around the yard and send your kids on a hunt. Kick it up a notch for older kids by having them seek with flashlights after the sun goes down.

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