A Splash of Fun: 5 Summer Water Play Activities for Toddlers

A Splash of Fun: 5 Summer Water Play Activities for Toddlers

The summer season is finally approaching. Summer doesn’t last too long in Northeast Ohio, so it’s important to get your little ones outside while you can. Here are a few enjoyable water activities that will keep your toddler entertained all season long.

1. Break the Ice
You may have seen this concept streaming throughout the blogging world, but let’s break it down.

You will need:
Large bowl, small toys, water, small hammer-like tools (such as a play tool set)

Take the large bowl and put one or two toys on the bottom. Fill it part way up with water and let it freeze. Next, add more toys and more water. If you freeze in layers, it will take longer for the toddler to get through the ice block. When it’s full and all the way frozen, take the bowl outside and give your toddler a tool to crack the ice. The sun will help melt the ice, and the child will be able to break through to get their toys

2. Water the Garden
This is a simple activity that will keep your little one busy and entertained.

You will need:
Small cups, bucket, water

Have your toddler fill up little cups of water and bring them to each plant to water them. Check out their progress, and direct them to ones that still need to be watered. Your little one will feel productive, leaving you some time to sit and relax.

3. Car Wash
This idea is perfect for your eager little helper. If your son or daughter loves to lend a helping hand while you’re cleaning, they will love this activity.

You will need:
Bucket or large bowl , tear-free soap, water, washable toys, sponge or washcloth

Give them a bucket of water with tear-free soap inside. Hand them a washcloth and their toys, and turn it into a pretend car wash. They will get excited about washing their toys in a cool, outdoor setting. This also will free up time for you to wash off some of that patio furniture! You also can clean your car to demonstrate a real car wash in action for them.

4. Little Picasso
Warning: This activity gets a little messy. However, the best memories always follow a mess!

You will need:
Small canvases, water, paintbrushes, paint and tarp (optional)

You can use kid-friendly washable paint, but just keep in mind that there will be a bigger mess to clean up. However, if you’re not ready to be that adventurous, use water as paint and have the child paint their canvas. Once it’s complete, let it dry and start over.

5. Spray the Letter
This game is both fun and educational. It helps your child start to identify their letters.

You will need:
Squirt guns, spray bottle, foam bath letters

Lay out the letters on the ground. For beginner learners, focus on just a few letters at a time and keep them in ABC order. Help them squirt the letter, and enjoy the big smile on their face when you say, “You got it!”

With just a few simple supplies, these outdoor water activities make for an entertaining and educational summer.

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