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6 Ways to Keep Your Toddler’s Sleep Schedule During Summer Travel

2019 Editions Ages & Stages June 2019 Magazine Parenting Worth Noting

The benefits of adequate sleep include the overall support of our immune system, increased memory and focus, and the promotion of healthy growth. It’s easy to keep a routine while

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A Splash of Fun: 5 Summer Water Play Activities for Toddlers

2019 Editions Ages & Stages Featured June 2019 Magazine Things to do
Summer doesn’t last too long in Northeast Ohio, so it’s important to get your little ones outside while you can. Here are a few enjoyable water activities that will keep your toddler entertained all season long. ...
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New Moms’ Health: 4 Post-Delivery Conditions to Monitor at Home

2018 Editions April 2018 Featured Health Magazine Parenting

While you may have been healthy enough to go home from the hospital after delivering your baby, you still need to monitor some postpartum conditions. Luckily, these conditions usually are

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Tips to Lose Weight Before your next Baby

2018 Editions Featured Fitness Health Magazine March 2018

In the case of some women, losing weight before the next baby is essential to avoiding unnecessary risks of pregnancy and delivery. read more

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8 Things Nurses Want you to Know About Your C-Section

cesarian section information
2018 Editions Featured Health January 2018 Magazine Parenting
Having a cesarian section can be scary to many moms, even if you’ve had one before. While a lot of information is published about stages of labor and how to tackle labor pain, there isn’t as much on how to prepare for a c-section. These tips will help you cope with some of the unknown fears about the procedure before you reach the labor and delivery room. ...
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