How to Find a Summer Tutor for Your Child

How to Find a Summer Tutor for Your Child

With summer almost here, some parents might be wondering if their child needs a tutor. Children who were struggling during the year in a certain subject and need to continue progress or build those skills during the summer would benefit from extra learning.

If your child hasn’t had a tutor before, finding one can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are some strategies to help you find a tutor this summer.

Ask the School. Your child’s teacher, principal or school district is a one of the best resources to find a tutor. Many districts have private tutor lists for parents; check your administrative offices. Some teachers might not be advertising their services, but plan to tutor this summer. If you are lucky, you might find out that your child’s teacher is available.

Your Local Library. If your library has a community board, it’s likely private tutors will be advertising their services. You also might want to ask a librarian to see if they have any recommendations or if they are running any summer learning programs.

Academic Camps. If your child is struggling in a certain area, you can look into a weeklong or weekly day camp. They provide focus study areas, which kids can learn in a group setting.

Tutoring Centers. Tutoring facilities around the region can help your child. Many of these tailor the curriculum to your child’s specific needs and schedule.

Be Ready. Before you start your search, get your checklist prepared. What are your child’s subject needs? What is your summer schedule? What is your budget for summer tutoring or camp? Do you prefer one-on-one or a group setting? If you are doing private tutoring, where do you prefer your child to meet? Options could include public settings, like the local library. Also, make sure to have questions about the potential private tutor’s credentials and background. Whether you’re exploring private tutors, camps or tutoring centers, make sure to ask if you could talk to other parents who have used their services.

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