Teacher Appreciation Gifts they will Appreciate

Teacher Appreciation Gifts they will Appreciate

As the year closes, it’s always nice to thank a teacher for all the hard work he or she did with your child throughout the school year.

While a gift is never expected, the gesture of appreciation is always worthwhile. What can you give that special teacher? We made it easy by going straight to the teachers and asking them what they would want.

“I love heartfelt letters and gift cards for food.” — Jenny Hunter (high school language arts)

“I love gift cards to my favorite places like Target or Starbucks, but my favorite thing is a simple card that has a very nice personalized note in it.” — Beth Moffat (middle school language arts)

“Something homemade from the student — like a coffee mug or something.” — Aaron Carney (behavioral therapist)

“I love a personal note and always love gift cards for coffee!” — Kim DeCrane (middle school English)

“Mitchell’s gift card!” — Dave Sabol (high school math)

“Homemade baked goods or a note.” — Ryan Zusy (high school industrial arts)

“Chocolate, serious chocolate … and to know that they are leaving me knowing a bit more than they did at the start of the year.” — Nancy Plisko

Other Unique Ideas:
• Books for their classroom library (have your child pick a few favorites to give)
• A personalized drawing from your child
• Collect memories: have every student write down a memory with the teacher and then put them in a cute jar
• Fun office supplies (washi tape, pushpins in fun shapes, colored paper clips)
• A potted plant or flower to put on their desk
• Notecards/stationery
• Offer to bring lunch or breakfast one day
• A Keurig for the teacher’s lounge (have the other parents chip in, too, and get K-cups)

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