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Jason Lea has a son, daughter, and a full-time job at the Mentor Public Library. He also blogs for Northeast Ohio Parent in his nonexistent free time. You can find this East-sider on Twitter at @jasonmarklea or read his blog at

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Dad Matters: To Whoever is Listening

2020 Editions June/July 2020 Magazine Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic

How are you? We’re about four months into (gestures vaguely) whatever this is, and it’s worth doing a sanity check. read more

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Dad Matters: Last Children Outside

2020 Editions April 2020 Magazine Parenting

I grew up less than half of a mile from a park with an old stone bridge that New Deal workers built in the 1930s. read more

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Can We Kick It?

2019 Editions December 2019 Magazine Parenting
As with any organized activity for young children, parents never can be sure what to expect. However, Northeast Ohio Parent columnist Jason Lea has come to appreciate several things about raising a karate kid. ...
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What’s in a Name

2019 Editions June 2019 Magazine Parenting

It is 10:42 p.m. on the second day of my son’s life.

I am strolling him down the hall of Hillcrest Hospital’s postnatal unit, so my wife can snatch

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Making the Neighborhood a Playborhood

2019 Editions Magazine March 2019 Parenting

I have neighbors who build their own haunted house for Halloween each year. (Timely reference, I know, but stick with me here.) read more

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A Requiem for Grandma’s House

2018 Editions December 2018 Magazine Parenting

When I think of Grandma Lea, I think about her house.

Her home on Evelyn Drive was Shangri-La to a 7-year-old. She had the good cereal, cable TV and only

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Dad Matters: The Sound of Silence

2018 Editions Magazine Parenting September 2018

The second time my mother got cancer, her throat swelled until she could no longer eat or breathe.

Consequently, my mother now cannot talk.  She may one day speak again

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The Joy of Face Painting

2018 Editions Ages & Stages June 2018 Magazine Parenting

My son likes to have his face painted.

That’s good because it encourages his imagination and makes for great Instagram fodder.

It’s bad because it costs me money.

It doesn’t

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Fatherhood or Fatterhood?

2018 Editions Featured Fitness Health Magazine March 2018 Parenting

My kids try to make me stop by jumping on my back during push-ups and flopping onto my stomach between crunches. read more

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The Truth about Santa Claus (Spoiler Alert!)

Is Santa real
Ages & Stages Parenting

Kids, you’re reading this because you have questions.

Perhaps, you’ve become suspicious about your parents’ stories. You don’t understand how Santa funds his operations, monitors so many children, or can

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